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Game Theory: Why Rocket League is More Than a Trendy Game

8 May , 2018  

Yeah, Rocket League may have gained its initial popularity from the sick graphics and all the pretty colors.

But there’s a lot of elements to Rocket League that actually make it more than just another trendy game.

Let me give you a rundown of the gameplay features that take this one from viral fluke to classic title.

And if you haven’t played Rocket League yet, take a second to check this out:

Soccer, but with a car? Mind = blown.

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Rocket League – Viral Fad, yay or nay?

There’s no doubt that the game is entertaining and visually appealing, but what has given it such longevity and replay value?

Surely winning Indie and Racing Game of the year in 2015 would have been the high point for Psyonix if the title really was a fad?

The Trifecta of Rocket League

Well first of all, Rocket League is the perfect combination of thrilling, comedic and action packed competition.

A lot of games try to bring these three elements to the table, but only a few do it as well as Rocket League.

rocket league


Keep it Simple

Next reason Rocket League is still kicking hard?

The gameplay is fun and exciting because they did a great job of not over complicating things.

It’s quick and easy to understand, but there is still enough strategy and variation that you can dominate opponents and not lose any interest.

Personally, I need to be in a particular gaming mood to spend hours trying to figure out all of the aspects and controls of a new game – sometimes all I want to do is blow off some steam (that pun is totally accidental, which makes it awesome).


Mass Appeal

Rocket League is a game that any level of gamer can play and have fun while doing it.

In today’s combination of hyper-competitive gamers and uber-casual players, appealing to the entire spectrum is an important (and difficult) thing to do.

With that in mind, you’re still driving a rocket powered car.

So there is some potential to get really good at it, which keeps the more competitive gamers playing.


Rocket League


The 4v4 feature is also a great way to bridge the gap between the novice and the expert. You really just need one superstar on your team in order to blow your opponent out of the water.

But the rest of the team will still have fun and have a chance to focus on the aspects of game play that they’re better at.

A flaw or a bonus? I guess that depends on which side you stand (although I’ve yet to hear of a Rage Win).


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Final Thoughts

I think the main challenge that Rocket League faces in its growth is that other driving and soccer games *cough* FIFA *cough* have very large, very loyal followings that won’t quickly abandon their long-time titles for something flashy and new.

The saving grace of Rocket League is that you literally do not need to know anything about driving games or soccer to play, so it widens their potential fan-base.

So basically to sum up, the most ridiculous idea mashup idea ever is actually one of the most innovative and on-point titles in recent years.

Trust me, I’ve put in my fair share of hours driving around, kicking a giant soccer ball and trying new tricks with my Rocket League whip!

Have you own thoughts on why Rocket League is so popular?

Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear what my fellow gamers think!

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