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WGN Strategy Academy: Rocket League How to take winning shots

17 Aug , 2018  

Written by Jon Scarr
Rocket League is all about scoring goals, and sometimes it’s not quite as easy as it looks. There are many ways to score goals. I’ve come up with some tips that will give you more opportunities to put the ball in the net and give your team that go-ahead goal. Learn more about Rocket League How to take winning shots.

Shoot backwards


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This tip is short and sweet. More than often than not, I see people missing scoring opportunities because they want to face the ball head on. However, if you double jump backwards you can get enough momentum to hit the ball hard towards your opponent’s goal.
This saves valuable time, as you don’t have to turn your vehicle around first. Best of all, you’ll often surprise your opponents with this tactic, as they will not expect you to do this and thus not see the ball coming.
Rocket League How to take winning shots.

Fast Break opportunity

In Rocket League there are those times when you need to size the day, especially when it is just you and the goal with a wide open field. In times like this, it is always a good idea to have some boost stored away.
With it, you can get the ball down the field in no time and create a scoring chance. Without it, you can still move the ball down the field, but there is that chance that your opponent could catch up and knock you off course.
In order to get this “fast break” opportunity you are going to need to keep your eyes on the action at all time and be aware of what is going on. Generally, this opportunity opens up when a ball bounces off a wall, or when your opponents battle each other and the ball drifts off.
This is your chance to get directly behind the ball and use that boost you have been saving for a rainy day. Use your boost to guide the ball down the field while avoid it drifting off course. While you are doing this keep your eyes open for teammates that are open, you never know when someone could catch you off guard and try to take the ball away.
If this happens, pass to an open teammate and allow them to finish the job. It’s better to get an assist on a goal than no goal at all. It may take a bit of practicing to get this down pat but once you do, its easy sailing to the goal.
Rocket League How to take winning shots.

Be at the right place at the right time

Sometimes it is just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. However, there are things you can do to help your chances of “being in the right place at the right time”. It’s important to continuously battle for the ball and get it to your side of the field.
With the ball camera view enabled, you can keep a close eye on the ball at all times. While its true that it may distort the view of the entire field, with this view you can time it right and send the ball flying into the goal.
Additionally, its important to know how your car handles and what kind of momentum you need to deliver quality shots. Always keep the ball moving, if you can pass it up to another teammate do so.
Rocket League How to take winning shots.

Take a shot at kickoff

You have a pretty good chance of scoring a goal by getting a shot off at the beginning of a match or from a kick-off following a goal. It all comes down to whether you can get to the ball first and get a good hit on it. Again, make sure you have enough boost.
You can run over the coloured markers on the field as you make your way to the ball. This will allow you to get to the ball quicker than your opponent, giving you the best chance to get right under it. As you are approaching the ball at high speed, hit the jump button.
If you don’t do this, it will just scoot down the field and your opponent will run right into it. By jumping, you’ll send the ball into the air, and it has a good chance of going right into the goal. There is a possibility, especially if you forgot to release your boost, that the ball with hit the wall directly over the goal.
In this instance, just wait for the ball to bounce straight back to you and get your clear shot. Keep in mind, that it’s best for the teammate closest to centre who is lined up with your opponent’s goal to attempt the shot. Don’t try and steal anyone’s glory, you’ll get your turn.
It’s important to note, that you shouldn’t try using this tactic at every kick off. Eventually the opposing team will catch on.
Rocket League How to take winning shots.

Play as a team

Goals are frequently scored as a result of good teamwork. It’s important to communicate with your teammates. Giving your team members status updates of your situation such as being stationed near the goal line ready to receive a pass, is crucial to your success.
The easiest way to score “team goals” is to have one of your teammates setup as the designated ball passers, with the intent to get the ball to the goal line of the opposite team. While the other team members should be waiting near the goal line for a good opportunity to hit the ball in.
You should always be ready to strike if the initial shot after the pass doesn’t result in a goal. It is important to be prepared to quickly return to your half of the field if your opponents team not only defended the shot but also initiated their own counterattack.


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