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Rocket League Canadian Challenge Finals Recap

20 Aug , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

The Rocket League Canadian Challenge concluded with a full day of matches, all culminating with the grand finals.

The national finals were held at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto, Ontario on August 19th.  The Canadian Challenge was only made possible by participation from WorldGaming Network, Driving Force, and Pizza Pops.

Eight of the very best teams from across the country gathered in the city for their chance to win the national finals prize of $10,000.

Of the eight teams there were players with various levels of experience on the pro-level Rocket League circuit.  Player experience ranged from some having experience in the RLRS such as DudeWithTheNose, down to more novice players such as Loconate.

For some of these players, it was their first time playing in front of a live audience.  This was their chance to put themselves out there.  For some, The Canadian Challenge was their first tournament with a lot on the line.

To provide excellent commentary and analysis, acclaimed casters Sean ‘Stax‘ Stackhouse, Jack ‘Corelli‘ Collier, and Brody ‘Liefx‘ Moore were present.  Together, the trio walked the audience through each match and conducted additional interviews with players.  Their knowledge, banter, and often mispronunciation of team name ‘Him Tortons’ kept a steady flow of entertainment throughout.

As the Canadian Challenge began, we saw some incredible offensive and defensive plays from Mittens of 3 Memes 1 Dream.  Once 3 Memes 1 Dream gained their momentum against Paleo Gaming, they quickly became a force to be reckoned with.  Down the line, 3 Memes would go on to send Night Night out of the finals.

The same could be said for Him Tortons.  One of the younger teams in the finals, they quickly were able to win over the crowd.  Eventually, Him Tortons were able to send both Dauntless and Mirage Esports home during their path to the finals.

Both Croissant Bois and Incognito were teams that were held in high regard.  During Incognito’s game against 3 Memes, NickyMac pulled an incredible last minute play that left both his teammates and casters surprised. As Incognito made their presence known on the main stage against some reputable teams, Croissant Bois began inching their way to the semifinals off screen.

Croissant Bois stepped up to the main stage for the first time during the winner semifinals.  The team lead by Ralph were uncontested the entire way through.  As their first live game against 3 Memes 1 Dream began, it was apparent of how strong of a team Croissant Bois were.  3 Memes were unable to close the difference made by Croissant during each game.  Meaning their time in the finals came to an end after a clean 3-0 sweep from Croissant.

On the other side of things, Group B’s Incognito and Him Tortons were both hungry for the last spot in the finals.  Him Tortons had a rocky start, but as they managed to build momentum and apply a steady amount of pressure.  They ensured that Incognito would have to work for the chance at the finals.  Tortons’ Plasma and Loconate were both persistent through and through.  However, Incognito had enough fuel in the engine to shut out Tortons during game five with a 4-0 score.  This would place Incognito as the second finalist next to Croissant Bois, a final match most saw coming.

Right out of the gate Croissant Bois took the early lead.  Taroco got Croissant on the board with two goals during the first couple minutes.  Though Incognito were able to get on the board themselves, they were unable to close the 5-1 difference during the first game.

Incognito recovered during game two.  DudeWithTheNose scored an early point, placing Incognito’s focus on defence in order to hold on to the finals.  While Croissant Bois were unable to take game two, they made up for it during the third game.  Shutting Incognito out, they muscled their way to a 5-0 lead, throwing Incognito off their entire game.

Incognito had a chance for a fresh start during game four. Though, once AXB scored what would be the final goal of the series for Croissant Bois, it took a mental toll on Incognito.  They were unable to regain the momentum they held onto for so long during the series.  This left the final standings as 3-1 for Croissant Bois.

After seven hours of high-octane Rocket League, the grand championship was given to the Quebec based team –– Croissant Bois.  The team comprised of AXB, Ralph, and Taroco managed to meet a lot of the expectations placed on them going into the Canadian Challenge.

It is worth noting that Croissant Bois had the advantage of playing alongside each other well before the Canadian Challenge was announced.  As a lot of this year’s teams were comprised of newly formed bonds.  Croissant Bois have been working on their team dynamic for quite some time.  AXB and Ralph have even gone through the RLRS together in the past.

Congratulations to Croissant Bois for their victory in the Rocket League Canadian Challenge.

Each team present for the finals showed enormous promise for the future of pro-level Rocket League.  All teams should be recognized for their performance during the event.

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About The Author: Steve Vegvari

Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades

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