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PUBG Erangel Vehicle Guide

1 Feb , 2018  


Written by: Jon Scarr

Without a doubt, vehicles are the best way to quickly move around the map in PUBG. Although their loud engine noise undeniably draws attention to you, vehicles play a vital role to being successful in the game. While driving a vehicle, unless you take a direct headshot, you won’t incur a significant amount of damage from your opponents while moving. Check out our PUBG Erangel Vehicle Guide.

With that being said, you should use vehicles in PUBG with extreme caution. Aside from drawing attention to yourself, vehicles have their own health bars and fuel gauges. When the health bar runs out, your vehicle will explode.

Luckily you can find gas in the game, so if your vehicle happens to run out of gas you can fill it right backup. In PUBG, you’ll find dune buggies, jeeps, boats, cars, and more that you can drive to help you make your way around the map. Today we will be focusing on the vehicles that are available on Erangel, which include off-road, motorcycles, sedans, and boats.


Off-road vehicles

The Off-road vehicles in PUBG are great when you want to cross uneven and rough terrain. Off-road vehicles have offer the best handling and overall performance on these types of terrains. Their engines are powerful enough to climb steep slopes without requiring a drive-up to build momentum. However, their top speed is slower compared to traditional vehicles that drive on the road and their engines can be heard up to 125 meters away.


First up in this category is the UAZ. These were used by Soviet, Warsaw Pact armed forces, as well as paramilitary units in Eastern Bloc countries. The UAZ presented two great advantages: it was able to drive in virtually any terrain and it was very easy to repair. You can think of the UAZ as a hybrid between a Buggy and a Jeep.

In PUBG there are two different UAZ vehicles, open and closed top. The open top UAZ’s entire passenger compartment is exposed to the elements, with only a roll cage and doors to serve as some form of protection. In comparison, the closed top UAZ is entirely closed from the exterior areas and provides a greater defense against opponents.



The Buggy is an open frame vehicle and houses a smaller engine than the UAZs. Though, it’s engine is still powerful enough to drive up a slope after being parked on one. Where the Buggy excels is its speed.

With a much lighter frame, it is relatively fast and can maintain a top speed of approximately 90 km/h when not driving up hill or on rugged terrain. However, the Buggy lacks any type of paneling or armour and thus when driving you are highly exposed to incoming fire.



Motorcycles come in two variations in PUBG, two wheeled or three wheeled. The two wheeled motorcycle seats a driver and a passenger. The three wheeled motorcycle comes equipped with a side-car, which allows you to carry a total of two passengers.

You are not going to get much protection regardless of which motorcycle you drive. Speed is on your side and is pretty much the only protection you will have. Motorcycles offer extremely good traction on the road.

Though, motorcycles can be flipped easily and are easier to spin out of control when driving alone. Due to its light weight, motorcycles are extremely fuel efficient and one of the fastest vehicles in the game.



Next up are Sedans. The Dacia 1300 is the only current Sedan available on Erangel and is the third fastest vehicle in the game. The Dacia 1300 can appear in a range of different colours. If the tires take too much damage, they will pop, reducing speed and handling performance.

As you might have guessed, sedans have sub-par off-road performance, with poor traction and slower acceleration compared to when driving over clear dirt paths or roads.  This means that you have to get a running start to make it up and over a hill with the Dacia 1300 and be careful taking corners at high speeds as it is more susceptible to rollovers.



Finally, we have boats. Currently there is only one boat that you can drive on Erangel and that is the PG-117 speedboat. With the capacity to carry five people, the PG-117 gives you the ability to flank other teams and your enemy by taking to the water. Additionally, sometimes air drops land in water and there is only one way to get them—by using a boat.

The PG-117 doesn’t really offer any type of protection from snipers and it takes several seconds for the boat to get up to speed, which can leave you open to your enemies. However, once you are out in the open waters, you are fairly safe from enemy fire as long as you are not close to shore or a bridge.

About the Author: Jon Scarr

Based in Toronto, Jon is a proud Canadian who loves all things gaming. He is a veteran of the video game and tech industry who has been in love with technology and gaming since the days of the Commodore 64. Come say hi and join the conversation with Jon on Twitter.

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