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PUBG Beginners Guide to victory on the battlefield

11 Jan , 2018  

Written by: Jon Scarr
Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds—aka PUBG—took the gaming world by storm in 2017 and quickly rose to the top as one of the most played online multiplayer games of the year on PC. In only two days of coming to Xbox Game Preview program, PUBG sold an incredible 1 million copies. The survival shooter broke record after record for most concurrent players on PC and ended 2017 with a new record of 3.1 million concurrent players. To put things into perspective, its closest competitor Dota 2 has had a maximum of 1.29 million players at one time. Read our PUBG Beginners Guide to victory on the battlefield.
With over 30 million players, it looks like PUBG’s popularity wont be fading anytime soon. And, with new players coming to the game all the time you are going to need a good start out of the gate if you hope to have any chance of victory. I’ve put together five sure fire tips for those of you who are  just starting out in PUBG. With these tips it will give you a fighting chance for victory on the battlefield.

360-degree camera movement with free look

Use free look as frequently as possible. This is done by holding down the left ALT key on PC and RB on the Xbox One controller. This will make the camera independent of the way you are facing, and allow you to rotate the camera in a full 360-degree circle around you.
This allows you to look all around, including behind your character without moving at all. This is useful in many difference scenarios such as when you are first diving from the plane. It will allow you to see how many players are going to the same area and how dangerous it may be in case you want to change your course of direction. More importantly, this will allow you to know where your enemy drops specifically, so if you are the first to grab a gun, you can quickly rush to their location and finish them off before they can get any gear or run away.
Additionally, this is useful to use while running around in open fields or without cover, it allows you to spot enemies in the open. This is important as if an enemy is behind you and you are running in a straight line out in the open, they can gun you down without you ever having a chance to shoot them.

Listen for audio cues from your opponents

This is a tip that many players tend to miss and will help you specifically locate your enemies. When you run on different terrains there are different types of audio you will hear. Knowing the difference between the different terrains will help you locate where your enemies are, allowing you to be much more prepared.
There are nine types of terrain that you need to be able to identify and distinguish between. These include: concrete, wood, grass, stairs, metal, water, sand, asphalt, and carpet. Knowing the differences will help you locate enemies because once you know how the terrain is mapped and where the different terrains occur, then you will know exactly where you enemies are.
Be fore warned, carpet sounds a lot like grass. So you’ll have to listen extra carefully and assess your surrounding to determine where your enemy might be in certain situations.

Steady your shot by holding your breath while firing

This is a very simple tip and is especially important to improving your accuracy while scoping. Simply hold shift on the PC or LB on the Xbox One to hold your breath. This will cause your reticle to become completely stable, allowing you to shoot your target with pinpoint accuracy.
This is very useful when shooting enemies with a sniper rifle at a distance, because the sway in addition to enemy movement can make a shot much harder than it needs to be. By removing sway, you will increase the chances that you can control the reticle and get your shot to land exactly where you want it to.
Your lung capacity is indicated on the right hand side of the health bar. If you deplete your lung capacity, you will not be able to sprint for a few seconds until you have regained some of your breath.

Switch seats in vehicles for a better shot or to make an escape

Another tip that will come in handy while playing PUBG is knowing how to change the seat in vehicles. This is important because it gives you a lot of different benefits. For example, if you are playing duo or squads, and you need to shoot an enemy vehicle on the other side of the car. You can swap seats to get a clearer view and an easier time landing your shots.
Additionally, if you are taking fire from your opponent on the side you are sitting on you can switch seats and get out of your vehicle while using it as cover. This is particularly helpful when you need to rush into the zone and heal up because of significant zone damage. Many people tend to run straight for buildings and increasing the chances of being shot at.
On the PC simply press CTRL + the seat number (1-5) and press A on the Xbox One to cycle through the seats. Note that seat number five will allow you to jump out behind the car. Seat number one and three will allow you to jump out on the left side, while seat number two and four will allow you to jump out on the right side. If one side of the vehicle is rammed against a wall or building and you can’t physically open the door, you will be forced out the other side of the vehicle.

About the Author: Jon Scarr

Based in Toronto, Jon is a proud Canadian who loves all things gaming. He is a veteran of the video game and tech industry who has been in love with technology and gaming since the days of the Commodore 64. Come say hi and join the conversation with Jon on Twitter.
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