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WGN Brain Trust: Dimez “You won’t be successful if you don’t put the work in”

18 Jun , 2018  

****UPDATE since conducting this interview Dimez has since become a PRO NBA 2K League player with Mavs GG****

With NBA 2k18 making a big push into esports this year we got some time to speak with Dimez, last year’s captain and point guard of the Pro Am champions Still Trill. This year he is looking to replicate and build on that success.


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WorldGaming: First of all thanks for doing this! Let’s start with some of your initial thoughts on 2K18 vs 2K17. What are some of your favourite improvements to the title? Anything you wish they had left alone?
Dimez: As far as NBA 2K18, Its an overall good game. A few things that needs to be fixed, but for the most part its a great game. One of my favorite additions to the game is the new layup system. Something i wish they would’ve kept is the dribbling from NBA 2K17. The dribbling was awesome on 17.
WorldGaming: What does a typical day currently look like for you right now?
Dimez: So a typical day for me right now is to wake up, and get to the grind. Meaning play 2k as much as possible, Prepare for the tourney, & do the best i can to make it to the NBA 2K League.
WorldGaming: This year the MyCareer is a very long grind. Any tips for making it slightly faster or more efficient?
Dimez: One of the main problems with My Career is the cut scenes. If they just make it to where you can skip cut scenes it’ll make it just slightly easier.
WorldGaming: Have you had issues with the Pro-Am Arena this year so far (difficult getting the entire squad in), if so do you have any tricks you use with your team to get in more often?
Dimez: Yes. There is a problem loading into a pro am arena with your team. There are 2 ways to get around it. The best way is to have all 5 players load into one playground together, then go to the pro am arena & all hit a at the same time. The other way is similar to that way. Only difference is instead of everyone loading into the same park, everyone can just join their own, but they still have to hit a or x when loading into the pro am arena.
WorldGaming:  For people reading this interview who would like to compete in the 5v5 pro am tournaments or get attention on them before 2K’s new esports league in association with the NBA, is there anything you can recommend they do to help themselves in this area?
Dimez: Yes. So if you don’t have a big name within the community & you want to get your name out there/make the NBA 2K League, The best advice i can give you would be to just play! Grind as much as you can & just hoop. Stream,  Youtube, Twitch, Or whatever. Just Stream! And last but not least, You have to play TOP TEAMS! Play top comp (Competitive) teams. Ball out against them & they’ll start respecting you & your name will start floating around the right people.
WorldGaming: Do you play much walk on or park this year? If so what sort of things do you look out for in opponents or teammates that tell you the player is solid.
Dimez: I Don’t play much of either, but when i do i look at pure Win/Loss record. That tells me everything i need to know.
WorldGaming: Let’s get you off the court and into the front office for a second, if you had to orchestrate the ideal 5 man Pro-am lineup what archetypes and sizes would you make the team? Why those 5 types of players?
Dimez: Lol. I don’t know if i want to answer this question, But it honestly depends on the actual users i have on my team. If i had to say though, It would be a Playmaker to handle the ball, 2 Pure sharps for court spacing, A lockdown to defend the ball handler on the other team, and a Athletic Rebounder for paint buckets & big rebounds.
WorldGaming: You spoke last year about the amount of hard work and dedication it required for you to emerge victorious. What are you doing this year to ensure that repeat?
Dimez: I’m doing the same thing i did last year just going even harder. Playing excessively, making sure i know literally everything about the game. Watching other top teams play so i know who they have on they team, what they like to do, who they main guys is etc. Everything matters & every day does too. You won’t be successful if you don’t put the work in. I Believe people who put the work in will be rewarded. Reason why i make sure i go harder & dedicate myself more than anyone else. I’m the guy they that’s working harder than the next man.
WorldGaming: How much time does your team spend going over plays and review film compared to just playing the game together. Was the chemistry natural or produced through consistent effort?
Dimez: So the team i have now is still in the mist of building chemistry. Our full team has yet to play with each other because of the west/east connectivity problem 2k has. Hasn’t been any big tournaments or anything yet so we haven’t had to watch tape yet, But every Top comp game we are all in the party tuning in & watching the game. Figuring out what the team does & how we would defend what they like to do.
WorldGaming: Thanks so much for doing this! Where can we keep up with you or find you next?


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Dimez: No Problem! You can keep up with me on all social media. My twitter is probably the best way to keep up with me. Follow me @DatBoyDimez on Twitter. You can watch me & my team @Breakouttgaming play on twitch @ . Last but not least keep up with some great content created by myself on Youtube @ Dat Boy Dimez. Thanks for having me!


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