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Patch Notes 1.0: The Move To Discord

19 Nov , 2019  

Our primary focus is to ensure all players on WGN’s platform have the best experience possible. As our list of players grows, we continue to keep improving elements of our systems to accommodate all users, for all tournaments. More recently, WGN implemented several patches to improve our platform – such software patches include:

  • Ladder matchmaking (Players are now matched against players of similar skill level, making gameplay more fair and competitive)
  • Improvements to the ELO calculation algorithms (This will allow a player on a win-streak to advance more quickly when they win against different players)
  • Paypal Payouts (Providing Paypal information in account profile for a more efficient payout)
  • SCENE points information added to the match card (Reminding players how many SCENE points they will be competing for)
  •  Replacing the game chat tab with opponents, and moving player communications to our Discord channels

For those who may not have utilized Discord before, Discord is a free-to-download communication software, both PC, MAC and mobile-friendly. Discord is one of the world’s most commonly used chatting platforms for gamers, with a daily active user count of 14 million with 315 million messages exchanged daily.

WGN will help add to those numbers as player communication for all tournaments will be through our Discord server. We want our players to do more than instant-message one another, we want to unite all our gamers. Discord allows us to do that by making navigation between different game chats more user-friendly for different community conversations. 

Be sure to download Discord not just for your desktop, but for your mobile device too:

Once you’ve downloaded Discord or if you already have it, please follow the step-by-step tutorial below on how to join all the WorldGaming’s channels:

How to get started:

Step 1

Enter your in-Discord name, once approved click continue button

Step 2

If you wish to make your current handle permanent, click the “Resend” button located in the orange bar along the top of the window, to verify your account

Step 3

Next, a tab will appear asking for your email and password that you would wish to link with to your account

Step 4

Once you claim your Discord name, you’ll be taken to the “welcome channel” within WorldGaming Network’s Discord

On the welcome channel, you’ll have access to the general community channels; allowing access to our rules and support conversations to answer any questions regarding our tournaments and platform

Step 5

To join the game specific Channels you’re interested in, click the corresponding game logo to enter the community chat. Feel free to click on all because you can leave any channels, at anytime

Step 6

Once you have clicked on the game’s icon you should now see the game specific channels on the left-hand side of the WorldGaming Network Discord window.

Remember, our community game chats are safe place for all to chat; monitored by our chat admins. If you have any questions about how to navigate Discord or any other related subjects, our team is happy to help at any time and talk gaming. Join the discussion.

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