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Overwatch Tip and Tricks

13 Sep , 2017  

By: Matthew Rondina

With the eSports scene of Overwatch continuing to grow globally World Gaming is here to provide you with some strategies to help get you in on the competitive action. Following the tips below will help you and your team dominate the competition. Get these Overwatch Tip and Tricks.

Team Chemistry

At it’s core Overwatch is a team based game, the more you work together, the more success you will have. Communication is essential, even before the game begins you must talk with your team about who will be filling each hero role such as Offence, Defence, Tank and Support.

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A general rule of thumb is to have at least one Tank and a Support on your team. Picking a character your team needs over who you enjoy playing with is important, the team’s needs come first.

Ultimate Abilities

During the course of battle your character will build up their ultimate meter, once full you are able to unleash super powered abilities that deal massive damage to opponents. The rate in which your ultimate meter fills is based on in game actions such as hitting enemies with your base attack, blocking oncoming attacks and defeating opponents. Once the ultimate meter is full and you dole out your attack you must wait for it to recharge again. Because it takes time to build up these abilities players might be apprehensive about using them, but they should be used as often as possible.

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Waiting for a perfect opportunity to unleash your ultimate (like trying to wipe out the enemy team in one go) isn’t a good strategy. Frequent use is far better than waiting for a perfect opportunity that might not come. Additionally, most ultimates take only around a minute to charge, plus added charge bonuses (like the ones mentioned above) make it even faster so don’t hang onto them. Although you also don’t want to waste ultimates they are a key to victory so keep them coming!

Adapt to Survive

When it comes to finding success in Overwatch players need to be comfortable with in-game character swapping. The isn’t always a must, but if your opponents are able to stop you at every turn your best recourse is to pick a different character and employ a new strategy. This move may have you lose an ultimate power-up, but the change in strategy could mean turning a losing cause into a winning one.

Optimize Health Packs

Do health pack reconnaissance on maps before even entering the game, as they spawn in fixed locations. Understanding where health packs appear and how to access them quickly will keep you and your team in the game longer.

Even if you are in the heat of battle with low health, it is wise to retreat find a health pack and return with the increase in health.

Overwatch features two health pack types, the first is small health packs which add 75 health points (HP) and large health packs with add 250 HP.

Best Supporting Cast

Support heroes in OverWatch have incredible abilities that bolster their teammate’s power, which makes a unified team a powerhouse. Keep this in mind at all times in battle because they should be the first opponent you target on the enemy team and the first ally you choose to protect. If your team’s support characters go unprotected they are easy to kill if they are ambushed alone. Doing your best to stay with them and provide cover is key to victory.

I hope to see you online, game on!

About the Author: Matthew Rondina

Matthew has been involved in all things gaming since the 8-bit era. He is a veteran of the video game and tech industry who has been in love with teaching, technology and gaming for over 20 years. Follow Matthew’s gaming adventures on twitter, @Dapper_Tux and join in on the fun!



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