OverWatch Contenders Groups Concluded in North America and Europe

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OverWatch Contenders Groups Concluded in North America and Europe

4 Jul , 2017  

Written by Dave Throop
OverWatch Contenders Groups Concluded in North America and Europe
The group stages of the Overwatch Contenders league have concluded setting the stage for playoff action to kick off July. Overwatch Contenders is Blizzard sponsored esports competition for Overwatch, and will feed into the official Overwatch League that is so heavily anticipated.
This is being called Season 0 of Overwatch Contenders. The entire tournament will be played online, with a $50 000 cash prize for the team that emerges victorious from both Europe and North America. There is no cross regional play, so there will be one North American champion and one European champion.
The tournament began as an open play in and proceeded until there were only 16 teams remaining from each region. This kicked off the group stage process, with teams being placed into groups of four and playing their group two times. The top two teams from each group then qualified for the playoffs.
With Overwatch still being a relatively young competitive title, the tournament was filled with upsets and quite a few North American fan favourites have already been eliminated including Cloud9, Selfless Esports, Counter Logic Gaming and Toronto Esports. Faze Clan was also almost sent home however they were able to secure a playoff seed in the final day of group play.
LG Evil emerged with the strongest group stage record of any team in either region, winning all 6 of their matches. Immortals also looked incredibly strong in groups, exiting undefeated a draw against ARC6 is the only blemish on their record. The interesting thing to note is that these two rosters are on the same side of the playoff bracket, thus the meeting will be a semi final showdown if it does occur.
Europe so far has proceeded without any major upsets. EUnited and 123 exited the group stages without suffering a single defeat making them some of the favourites on that side of the pond. Misfits and Laser Kittenz are other strong contenders who were placed in the same group and both suffered a defeat at the hands of the other.
This sets the stage for both regional playoffs. A single elimination style tournament taking place July 1st and 2nd. To see the full bracket and standings for Europe you can visit the official league page, and do the same for the North American league.
European action will take place on the 1st starting at 11AM EST while North American action will commence on the 2nd beginning at 6PM EST. The first round of the event will take place simultaneously with all following rounds being streamed in their entirety. You can watch the action live via the official Overwatch Contenders Twitch stream.
Dave Throop is a decade long esports fanatic from Toronto. Originating in console FPS and sports games he has since expanded to PC games and MOBAs to become a fan of nearly all major competitive titles across multiple platforms. His favourite titles include Halo, Overwatch and League of Legends.


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