OGN Apex Semi Finals


LW Blue Takes Third Place in OGN Apex – Meta Athena Exposed

6 Apr , 2017  

Written by Dave Throop
After both LW Blue and Meta Athena fell in their semi final matches last week the two teams met up on Friday to decide who would take home third place in OGN’s Apex tournament. Apex is the premier competitive Overwatch tournament taking place before the official Overwatch league begins in quarter three of this year. The tournament takes place in Seoul, South Korea. Read more in our OGN Apex Semi Finals coverage.
Both teams would be using a substitute player in this matchup giving the game a slightly less intense aura to it than those played in previous weeks.
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The series started on Oasis, traditionally one of the best LW Blue maps, however Meta Athena came out strong and managed to secure a 2-1 victory in the first game.
Despite this strong start things would quickly go down hill for Meta Athena. The maps that have traditionally been their strongest, such as Hanamura and Dorado, were not included in the map pool in Friday’s match giving LW Blue a clear strategic advantage in the series.
Game two was played on Numbani and LW Blue found their stride in the second half. Despite being stopped on the street phase, a very unusual occurrence, LW Blue was able to regroup and get a full hold on the first point giving them the win and tying the series up.
Games three and four would see LW Blue execute the game plan Lunatic-Hai had set out just a few days earlier, exposing the Meta Athena weakness to dive compositions. LW Blue was able to successfully dive into Meta Athena’s backline causing disruptions and getting picks. This gave them the three wins they required to take third place in the tournament in a 3-1 series score.
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LW Blue did an excellent job managing their ultimate economy throughout the series, which had been a problem for them throughout the season. This is a strong sign of improvement and indication they can contend for future championships.
On the other hand Meta Athena was exposed for the second match in a row as being truly vulnerable to strong dive compositions. This creates worry for the roster heading into future events. They will have to find a way to fix this problem or find their initial success this season will be difficult to replicate.
The Grand finals will be between Runaway and Lunatic-Hai taking place April 8th at 18:00 KST/7:00 EST. It can be viewed live on the OGN Global twitch stream. Tickets to see the event live sold out almost immediately.
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