OGN Apex Semi Finals


OGN Apex Semi Finals Concluded – Meta Athena Stumbles

30 Mar , 2017  

Written by Dave Throop


OGN Apex Semi Finals


Semi final action has concluded in the second season of the Overwatch OGN Apex tournament. Apex is the premier competitive Overwatch tournament taking place before the official Overwatch league begins in quarter three of this year. The tournament takes place in Seoul, South Korea. Read more in our OGN Apex Semi Finals recap


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With only four teams remaining in the tournament the remainder of the games were sure to be highly competitive and both semi final series lived up to all expectations fans could have had.


The first semi final matchup was between Runaway and LW Blue and was a highly contested back and forth affair that took all five games to determine the victor. Runaway dominated the first game of the series only to have LW Blue battle back and win a close second game on King’s Row. Runaway would manage to again take the lead in the series only to have LW Blue again tie it up on Route 66.


This set the stage for an intense final match on Eichenwalde. Considering LW Blue had won both the hybrid and payload maps in the series things were looking good for them heading into the deciding game. Runaway was able to perform in the clutch however and secure the final game and thus the series with a 3-2 score.


OGN Apex Semi Finals


The second semi final saw the undefeated Meta Athena square off against one of the best teams in the tournament in Lunatic-Hai.  This would be Meta Athena’s first true test against a team that runs dive compositions in the tournament and their inexperience playing against the style showed.


Lunatic-Hai handily won both of the first two maps immediately putting Meta Athena into a do or die situation. Game three would be played on Hanamura, one of Meta Athena’s best maps, and proved to be the game they needed to find their footing giving them their first win in the series.


Game four was staged on Dorado and saw Meta Athena looking like their usual selves using some incredibly creative pushes. Despite initially failing a Sombra drop hack that we had never seen before in professional play, Meta Athena would not be deterred. They regrouped and used an ingenious flank with the help of Mei’s wall to secure themselves a strong offensive push nearly pushing the payload the length of the map. Lunatic-Hai would not be so lucky and would be stopped short of securing the second objective forcing the series into a deciding final game.


The fifth game was on Hollywood, a map on which we have never seen Lunatic-Hai play. Despite their lack of competitive experience they played the map perfectly and were able to secure a surprising 2-1 victory in the final game against Meta Athena. This ended Meta Athena’s undefeated streak which extended all the way back to the promotional tournament to entOGN Apex Semi Finals er Apex before the start of the second season, thus preventing the fairy tale of a challenger team rising to be the best in the world in just a few short months.


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The season is not over for Meta Athena however as they will face LW Blue in the battle for third. This matchup will take place March 31st at 19:00 KST/ 6:00EST. You can watch the official English cast on the OGN Global twitch stream as well as find any past games you may have missed in the video section.


The finals are thusly set to be between Runaway and Lunatic-Hai setting up a potential true Cinderella story. Much like Meta Athena, Runaway also took part in the promotion tournament before the start of season two but for a different reason.


Runaway’s performance in the first season put them in a position to potentially be relegated forcing them to fight for their spot in this second season. Despite this difficult beginning they have overcome all obstacles on their way to the Grand Finals, painting an incredible story of dedication, improvement and success on their Apex journey.


Their opponent in Lunatic-Hai has been incredibly strong all tournament long however and their victory against Meta Athena in the semi finals surely leaves them as the favourite in this matchup.


The Grand finals will take place April 8th at 18:00 KST/7:00 EST and can also be viewed on the OGN Global twitch stream.
Dave Throop is a decade long esports fanatic from Toronto. Originating in console FPS and sports games he has since expanded to PC games and MOBAs to become a fan of nearly all major competitive titles across multiple platforms. His favourite titles include Halo, Overwatch and League of Legends.


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