OGN Apex Quarter Finals


OGN Apex Quarter Finals – LW Blue Takes Final Spot in Semi Finals

24 Mar , 2017  

Written by Dave Throop

Quarter Final action has concluded for the second season of the Overwatch OGN Apex tournament. Apex is the premier competitive Overwatch tournament taking place before the official Overwatch league begins in quarter three of this year. The tournament takes place in Seoul, South Korea.

Apex begun with four groups, each consisting of four teams, facing off against each other in round robin pool play. The top two teams from each group advanced to form two new groups. These were treated as two separate double elimination brackets, from which a total of four teams would emerge.

Runaway was the first team to secure their spot in the semi-finals when they shocked the world by defeating Lunatic-Hai. Lunatic-Hai quickly recovered from their loss however and secured their own spot in the semi finals by defeating KD Uncia 3-0 in their next match.

Meta Athena emerged the as the favourite from the second double elimination bracket only dropping a single game in their two series.  LW Blue on the other hand got off to a difficult start, falling to a reverse sweep at the hands of the KD Pantheras in their first series. They narrowly won a 3-2 victory over AF Blue before again facing the KD Pantheras in the deciding match.

The series began in a similar fashion with LW Blue taking a quick 2-0 lead however a game three win by the KD Pantheras had some wondering if another reverse sweep might be in the works. This time LW Blue seemed determined to get their revenge and handily won the fourth and final game on Route 66 to clinch their spot in the final four.

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The semi final matches will see RunAway square off against LW Blue while Meta Athena battle Lunatic-Hai to secure their spot in the grand finals. The semi final action began at 19:00 KST/ 6:00 EST on Friday March 24th. You can watch the official English cast on the OGN Global twitch stream as well as find any past games you may have missed in the video section.

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