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Nintendo NES Mini Makes 90s Kids Dreams Come True

13 Nov , 2016  

Hey, 90s kids! Get ready to relive your childhood with the Nintendo NES Mini.

Nostalgia is in the air and re-playing your favorite 8-bit Super Mario level will soon be on your TV screen.

Nintendo’s glory days are back but for an even more affordable price.


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The Nintendo NES Mini

Looking to get the latest console in retro gaming? Or want to revisit the past? Then the Nintendo NES Mini is exactly what you’re looking for.


This is a dream come true for the 90s (and 80s) kids who really want to revisit the glory days of the NES.

Gamers will be able to play their favorite Nintendo classics in HD, play with their friends, and take it on the go.

The Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime had this to say about the launch of the Nintendo NES Mini to the public.

“We wanted to give fans of all ages the opportunity to revisit Nintendo’s original system and rediscover why they fell in love with Nintendo in the first place, the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition is ideal for anyone who remembers playing the NES, or who wants to pass on those nostalgic memories to the next generation of gamers.”

We couldn’t agree more on what Reggie had to say about the new console.


The Nintendo NES Mini Details + Specs


What do you need to know about the Nintendo NES Mini?

You’ll need to know the size of the console, the 30 games included, how to save your games, graphical specs, and accessories.


“Now you’re playing with power.” – Nintendo NES Slogan

The Size of the NES Mini

What gamers will love most about the NES Mini is the size of the system.

Compared to its original counterpart, the Mini is shrunk down to the size of your palm.

Nintendo NES Mini Console

Photo Credit: Nintendo


You won’t have to worry about the NES Mini taking up much space, especially if you want to take it on the road.


The Nintendo NES Mini Specs

You’re really playing with (the latest) power.

The Nintendo NES Mini allows players to play in three different modes:

  • CRT Mode
  • 4:3 Mode
  • Pixel Perfect Mode


Remember the old days where you weren’t able to save your progress? Now you can with the NES Mini.

You can create four suspend slots per game. To suspend and save your game, you will need to hold down the console’s Reset button to return to the home screen.


What Does The NES Mini Come With?

The Nintendo NES Mini comes packaged with:

  • NES Classic Edition Console
  • 1 NES controller
  • HDMI cable
  • AC adapter
  • 30 pre-installed games

If you want to buy extra controllers for the system, you’ll need to dish out some cash.

The good news about buying another controller is that you only need to buy one since only two people can play at the same time, depending on the game.


Photo Credit: Nintendo


The 30 Nintendo NES Mini Games Included

The best of the classics will be available to play right away once you plug in the mighty console into your power bar.

The full list of NES Mini games available to play:

  • Balloon Fight™
  • Castlevania™
  • Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest™
  • Donkey Kong™
  • Donkey Kong Jr. ™
  • Dr. Mario™
  • Excitebike™
  • Galaga™
  • Ice Climber™
  • Kid Icarus™
  • Kirby’s Adventure™
  • Mario Bros. ™
  • MEGA MAN® 2
  • Metroid™
  • PAC-MAN™
  • Punch-Out!! ™ Featuring Mr. Dream
  • StarTropics™
  • SUPER C™
  • Super Mario Bros.™
  • Super Mario Bros. ™ 2
  • Super Mario Bros. ™ 3
  • The Legend of Zelda™
  • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link™

What we love most about the NES Mini is that the games are already included in the console.

Gamers won’t have to worry about carrying tiny cartridges or cards in order to play these 30 games, they can play it at any time.

However, there are some Nintendo classics missing from the list:

  • Duck Hunt
  • Bionic Commando
  • Dragon Warrior
  • River City Ransom
  • Battletoads
  • A Boy and His Blob
  • Blade Master
  • Crystalis
  • Castlevania III
  • Contra

We would’ve loved to play Duck Hunt on the NES Classic for throwback sake.


How Can I Get The NES Mini?

Planning on buying the Nintendo NES Mini? Then you’ll need to know these details.

These Nintendo NES mini released on November 11, 2016, in North America and the UK. Here are the prices you need to know:

  • North America: Priced at $59.99 USD
  • UK: Priced at £49.99

You can purchase the NES Mini on Amazon, the official Nintendo Store, and any other tech giant stores.

What You Need To Know About The Original NES

The original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was released in 1985 in North America and instantly became the best selling video game console during its time cycle.

Gamers were introduced to iconic characters like Mario, Link, Samus, Donkey Kong, and other great Nintendo classic characters which can be found in most modern day Nintendo games.

In the event of all of this nostalgia, gamers everywhere should be thankful to the NES, as the NES helped revitalized the video game industry after the unfortunate events of the video game crash of 1983.



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