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WGN Strategy Academy – NHL 19 – RPM Skating Technology, A Game Changer?

7 Aug , 2018  

By: Matthew Rondina

NHL 19 is exploding out of the gate this year with a completely overhauled skating system, inspired by one of the most agile players in the game, Connor McDavid.

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The system promises increased responsiveness and to be more visually authentic than ever before, but the big question is, how will it impact gameplay? Lace em’ up and let’s dive into the new system to keep an edge on your opponents.

Humble Beginnings

NHL 19’s big focus this year is something near and dear to many hockey fans’ hearts, outdoor hockey. The frozen pond beckons as it’s included in many old and new modes such as NHL Threes, Play Now and the brand new NHL Ones and Pro-Am. NHL Ones looks to really shake things up as you complete in a 1v1v1 winner take all format.

Your EA Sports Hockey League (EASHL) team will also be able to hit the outdoor ice to showcase your skills to the world.

The new outdoor setting looks to be an excellent training ground to perfect your skating and stick handling skills as well as to help transition into your pro NHL career.

Real Player Motion (RPM) Technology

NHL 19 boasts the most responsive player movement yet with “explosive-edge skating,” dynamic animations and as a result more creativity in playmaking.

The rebuilt system offers more options to casual and pro esports athletes alike, as early impressions of the system have allowed players to turn on a dime and change direction with incredible speed – something that has been missing from previous instalments of the franchise.

Sharper cuts on the ice allow for faster puck recovery, this lets players that have over skated the puck or missed a pass to double back almost instantly as opposed to making a long circle back. The new skating engine will definitely inject even more speed into an already quick game, adding more real world authenticity to the NHL series of games.

This offers players far more options in creative playmaking as more ability to control on the fly has been added allowing for pinpoint turns paired with new levels of speed.

Player Endurance and Attributes

All this speed does come at cost, as player endurance now plays a factor in the game. If you are constantly spamming the hustle button your player’s performance will drop, so conserve that energy! The key play is to glide and use wider turns to conserve energy.

RPM Tech will also factor in player attributes when it comes to gameplay, so bigger players will not be as agile, and smaller players will have speed advantages. This allows you to use smaller faster skaters to allude defenders with their speed or use larger players to dominate in the corners with their size and help control the play.

Having a deep understanding of your player’s stats in NHL 19 will help immensely come game day. Your player’s stats will directly correlate to the skating style they use, so keep this in mind when you “Create-a-Skater.”

Skating DNA

This year player’s signature skate strides will also be captured for greater authenticity. For example, Crosby’s quick stop and go behind the net will be contrasted by bigger sweeping skate movements from larger players like Zdeno Chara.

This new skating DNA looks to indirectly revamp many of NHL’s other modes, what do you think RMP’s biggest impact on the game will be? Let us know in the comments below, game on!

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