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WGN STRATEGY ACADEMY: NHL 18 Top 5 Ranked Goaltenders

6 Jul , 2018  

By Matthew Rondina
The new, fast paced NHL requires a net minder with almost superhuman reflexes to help backstop your team to victory. World Gaming is counting down the top 5 highest overall ranked goalies in NHL 18, giving you an inside look on who should be between the pipes for your team. Check out the NHL 18 Top 5 Ranked Goaltenders.

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This guide will also look at each goaltenders’ weaknesses just incase you face off against them. Tape up that stick and strap on those pads, it’s time to countdown NHL 18’s elite goalies.
1. Carey Price – Goalie – Overall 92 – Montreal Canadiens

Angles 93
Agility 91
Speed 91
Carey Price is one of the most valuable players in the league as he has the ability to put a team on his back and carry them into the post season and beyond with his incredible play. His calm, cool technical style keeps him in great position to make a save or control a rebound.
Price has some of the best rankings in NHL 18 with his Angles (93), Vision (93) and Rebound Control (93) coming in as the highest in the league. Price features very little downside but the one weakness he has is his Glove High (87) where the rest of his glove hand reflexes score 90 and above.
2. Braden Holtby – Goaltender – Overall 90 – Washington Capitals

Angles 92
Agility 92
Speed 91
Braden Holtby has been putting up excellent numbers for the Washington Capitals boasting his third consecutive 40 plus wins season and a .925 save percentage. These big numbers translate well for his virtual counterpart in NHL 18 as his stick low, rated at 91 and his glove low at a 90 make him very difficult to beat. He also boasts a great overall puck control rating with 92 rebound control and recovery.
Holtby’s Stick High reflexes sit at an 89 which could be exploited by an opposing team’s elite snipers.
3. Sergei Bobrovsky – Goaltender – Overall 89 – Columbus Blue Jackets

Angles 90
Agility 91
Speed 91
The 2017 Vezina Trophy winner is back in winning form after a dubious 2015-16 campaign. Bobrovsky now has two Vezina Trophies in the past five years with red hot performances that prove he’s one of the best in the league. Highlighting his NHL 18 strengths are his Agility (91), Speed (91) his weakness is his puck playing frequency which sits at an 86.
4. Cory Schneider – Goaltender – Overall 89 – New Jersey Devils
Angles 92
Agility 90
Speed 90
Schneider is a very technically sound goaltender that keeps his angles covered extremely well. His strengths lie with his Vision (92) and Rebound Control (91).
His weak point lies with his puck playing frequency (85) so be sure to err on the side of caution when stick handling with Schneider.
5. Matt Murray – Goaltender – Overall 88 – Pittsburgh Penguins
Angles 92
Agility 90
Speed 90


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A great story of perseverance for young goaltenders everywhere, Matt Murray came out of practically nowhere to battle for the 2015-16 Stanley Cup. After winning the cup again last year with the Pens he’s the only goalie in history to win two Stanley Cups as a rookie. In NHL 18 Murray’s skill set translates well with a lighting fast Glove and Stick High of 90.
His inconsistent stick handling seems to be his only real weakness so avoid venturing too far out of the net with him.
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