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NHL 18 Tips to get a jump start in HUT

3 Jan , 2018  

Written by: Jon Scarr
Sometimes, it can feel almost impossible to keep up with other gamers in NHL 18. Some may have family commitments while others maybe have a job that leaves them with only a few hours a week to play. Luckily, I’ve put together a few tips to help you get a jump start in the first week of NHL 18 that will leave you sitting pretty and doesn’t require you to spend all of your time to accomplish. Check out these NHL 18 Tips to get a jump start in HUT.
Let’s get right into it!

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Don’t waste money early on

First and foremost, don’t spend any coins that you are planning to spend in NHL 18 on packs early on. Just like in Madden Ultimate Team, after the first few days after the game is released everyone tries to buy packs to try and get ahead.
However, what many people don’t realize is that the first weekend of the game being released, EA will release a bunch of new packs and new set of players to get everyone on board to try and buy more. Save your money until after the first weekend and then go nuts! Be sure to take advantage of the special packs that are offered. Make sure there are speciality packs available before spending.


Build up your coin collection early on

Avoid spending any coins you get for the first week. In the first week of the game there is no market and especially because all the ratings have changed so drastically, no one knows what it is going to be yet. There could be a lot of 84s and 85s that could be extremely valuable but no one knows what they are actually worth.
So, what I recommend is to sit on your coins and build up a nice little base first. If you’ve bought the Young Stars Edition, you are already well ahead of most players because of all the extras that are included. So you don’t really need to go out and get an insanely good team that early.
Whatever you do, don’t waste all of your coins on a goalie. From the many games that I have played in HUT, goalies do not matter in this game nearly as much as everyone thinks they do. If you are going to spend lots of coins, do it on a good offensive player.


Complete Solo and Partner challenges first

New to HUT are solo challenges. These are challenges and plays against the computer that you have a certain amount of time to complete. For example, you have to score four goals in three minutes. The reason why you want to grind through these challenges first before playing any games is because they are going to reward you with a lot of coins, packs, and players specific from that challenge.
Additionally, HUT has partner challenges where you can play with a friend. As with the solo challenges, I recommend playing all of these after solo challenges before playing a real game. If you are having problems completing challenges, I’ve got a tip for you. Go to the settings in the main menu and then the gameplay sliders. Turn all the CPU settings down to zero and the human ones up to 100.
This includes speed, checking, goalies—everything! Essentially this will make all-start super star modes act like they are rookie. This works for penalties as well. If you go to the penalty section, you can turn up the CPU to get called on almost every tripping call.

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