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NHL 15 Pro-Streaming: FlashDavin

27 Apr , 2015  

Last week I told you that WorldGaming’s twitch channel is playing host to an entire team of NHL 15 pro-streamers (like xTechNHL).

This week is being taken over by chel too. The new NHL 15 Canada Cup tournament is about to be in full swing as soon as May 1st hits the calendar.

But I’m not here to talk tournaments, I want you to meet our next pro-streamer: FlashDavin.

Watch FlashDavin live on Twitch or Youtube and connect on Twitter.

Catch him on the WorldGaming twitch channel too giving away his NHL 15 tips. 

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FlashDavin had a lot to say about his career so far in the NHL world, let’s dive in.

How did you get started in the eSports world?

I got started in the eSports world when I made my YouTube channel dedicated to NHL tutorials in NHL 13. I had always been a top 100 HUT player, and wanted to show my skills to the world via YouTube.

Eventually, I discovered Twitch in 2014, and now I do both!

What are some of your career highlights? Any major tournament wins?

This year I’ve placed second in both major Twitter tournaments (My own and HowToChel’s) and won the doubles tournament that I held with HowToChel as my partner, which was sponsored by HutPuckTraders.

I’m looking to get more involved in money tournaments moving forward.

What makes you so popular in the streaming community?

I think I’m popular because I try to interact with my fans and talk all things hockey.

I aim to be as helpful as possible and encourage others to learn the game and grow their skills. Additionally, I’m a skilled player, and I think people find it easy to learn and improve their own game by watching me.

What do you try to achieve when you stream?

My streams are always very laid back and highly interactive. I do lots of giveaways with my followers and try to help them learn as much as I can about the game.

What are your future plans for working with WorldGaming?

I’d like to think that I can bring lots of my fans to WorldGaming in the near future. Lots of people watch me to improve their NHL skills, so after they’ve improved, why not try their luck in some cash games and tournaments?

It’s an honour to be sponsored by a site that clearly sees some value in growing the NHL community.

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