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NBA 2K League Tryout Process Update – February Combine

2 Feb , 2018  

There is more information available now for NBA 2K players hoping to turn their love of the game into a career. The first piece of exciting news is that the 17 teams competing will now draft six people for their rosters instead of five, increasing the number of players in the draft from 85 to 102.

As we mentioned in our first post surrounding the tryout process, players have to accumulate a total of 50 victories in the Pro-Am online mode. These can be earned in the team arena or the walk on arena giving players multiple ways to try to qualify for the next stage. The online application that was mentioned initially has been delayed until February.

All players who have obtained the 50 victories automatically qualify for February’s combine as long as they are 18 years of age and their class has graduated high school. The combine will also take place online, and all players that have qualified will automatically see a new item on their menu in-game through which they can participate.

To be eligible for consideration for the draft players must complete a minimum of 40 games in the combine. These games will feature standard Pro-Am rules with 6 minute quarters and must be completed during one of the allotted time periods listed below:

  1. 2/2 – 8pm to 12am ET
  2. 2/3 – 2pm to 8pm ET
  3. 2/4 – 2pm to 8pm ET
  4. 2/7 – 8pm to 12am ET
  5. 2/9 – 8pm to 12am ET
  6. 2/10 – 4pm to 10pm ET
  7. 2/11 – 2pm to 8pm ET
  8. 2/14 – 8pm to 12am ET
  9. 2/16 – 8pm to 12am ET
  10. 2/17 – 4pm to 10pm ET
  11. 2/18 – 2pm to 8pm ET
  12. 2/21 – 8pm to 12am ET

All of the games a player completes must be on a single position: PG/SG/SF etc. however each of the five positions also has 5 archetype choices available for players to choose from. These are listed below:

Point Guard – Shot Creating Slasher, Shot Creating Sharpshooter, Slashing Playmaker, Sharpshooting Playmaker, Play making Shot Creator

Shooting Guard – Playmaking Slasher, Sharpshooting Defender, Slashing Shot Creator, Sharpshooting Shot Creator, Pure Sharpshooter

Small Forward – Shot-Creating Slasher, Sharpshooting Shot Creator, Pure Sharpshooter, Slashing Defender, Sharpshooting Slasher

Power Forward – Slashing Rim Protector, Rebounding Athletic Finisher, Slashing Post Scorer, Two-Way Rebounder, Sharpshooting Rim Protector

Center – Post-Scoring Athletic Finisher, Slashing Rebounder, Pure Rim Protector, Slashing Stretch Five, Rebounding Post Scorer

The time is now to get onto that court and pick up those 50 wins. The first official play session for the combine will be February 2nd from 8PM until Midnight Eastern time. Players statistics will be monitored through many metrics and the best players will be contacted directly and given more information on further steps in the process.

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