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Mastering All-Star Players MLB 15 The Show

28 Apr , 2015  

If you’ve been getting into MLB: 15 The Show to celebrate the return of baseball season, you’ve probably noticed some of the changes and new features.

I definitely did when I first looked over the game after its end-of-March release.

Now that I have a bit more time to actually play it, I’m finding my skills a little rustier than usual. But one thing that’s still true is you need a great team if you want to win.

Lucky for you I just went through the process of building up my team, and I’ve narrowed it down to three important steps you should do if you want to play with All-Stars

Step 1: Create Your Player

So first things first, you need to actually have a player before you can make him great.

My words of advice for you:

  • You’re only given 5 flex points to spend on different attributes for your player so spend these wisely
  • It’s not a bad idea to handpick your team to give you the greatest control over your strategy
  • If you’re worried about making changes after the fact don’t be – you can edit the position of any player in the creation section at any time
  • One more thing – if you’re looking to create more walks you should make your player shorter, if will shrink his strike zone

Now let’s move on to teaching them the skills.

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Step 2: Teach Them To Bat

With some new simplified hitting controls, swinging that bat became a lot easier in MLB 15 The Show.

The players also try to make it a bit easier for you by automatically timing their step so you don’t have to, definitely one of my favourite new features.

Some other pointers I’ve discovered that might improve your game:

  • Mastering the Power Swing: Pull down and then up on the right stick to use this swing. It’s best to avoid using this swing until your character has power stats above 50.
  • Use Your Regular swing: Just flick the right stick up and use this as your go-to. Since you no longer have to time your step, this gives you more time to focus on the pitch.
  • Know The Contact Swing Changes: Although this was effective in MLB 14, forget about it in MLB 15! With the transfer from the circle button to the right stick, this swing will do more damage than good.

Last but not least, once you’ve taught them to bat you have to give the right tools to get it done.


Step 3: Give Them The Best Equipment

This pretty cool new feature lets you earn all kinds of equipment including bats, gloves, and cleats which increase your performance and attributes. (Always a great idea when you’re trying to be the best.)

Equipment can be earned in a number of different ways:

  • By logging in everyday
  • Unlocking certain achievements
  • By purchasing booster packs containing one item and several cards for the Diamond Dynasty mode

Another interesting detail of this feature is that it allows you to buy and sell equipment in an online market.

This way you can buy whatever item you need to improve your character’s attributes and get yourself one step closer to becoming an all-star player.

So really your players could be better than they ever were in MLB 14. I’m putting my elite team together and getting them into spring training ASAP.


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