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MKX Tips: Tips for Playing Better Online

16 Jun , 2017  

Written by Jon Scarr
Mortal Kombat X packs quite a punch, and though it may seem daunting to play online—I am here to offer some advice and tips to increase your competitive online play. One of the hardest aspects of “getting good” at a fighting game to play competitively online is knowing where to start. Read more about MKX Tips for playing better online.
Here are some tips that are sure to increase your competitive online play in Mortal Kombat X.

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Know and understand your opponent’s moves

Most people don’t realize that learning combos and special attacks aren’t the hardest thing when playing fighting games such as Mortal Kombat X. When you are first starting out, its easy to get caught up in it all. Believe me when I tell you, learning these moves and combos aren’t the biggest obstacle in your path to greatness.
It goes without saying, you should master your character of choice, inside and out, if you are serious about winning. However, to be really competitive, you need to be able to focus on your opponent and figure out their weaknesses.
Tips for Playing Better Online
Let’s say you have figured about a combo that can deal out 30% damage to your opponent. It’s all fine an dandy, but you need to find an opportunity to unleash it on your opponent. You see, Mortal Kombat X is similar to a game of chess—it’s a cat and mouse game.
Regardless if you are noticing that your opponent has an over-reliance on a certain special attack, or you notice their tendency to block high rather then low—knowing and understanding your opponent is key to increasing your competitive online play.
Focus on your opponent, find their weaknesses and exploit them. You’ll be surprised at just how fast you start racking up those W’s in the win column.
Tips for Playing Better Online

Use replays to improve your game

Most of the time you only watch replays of matches you have won. While its easy to fondly look back on a win, replays are better utilized to learn from your mistakes. You will be amazed at what you can learn from watching a replay that you may have missed in the heat of a battle.
You’ll notice things about your performance and your opponent’s performance that is crucial to understanding what went wrong and why you lost the match. Maybe you got zoned out by projectiles when you wanted to be in close for combat? Perhaps your go to combo got blocked every time?
Regardless, it easier to see what went wrong by watching the replay several times. Think about what your opponent did right and you did wrong. This will help you build your strengths, while working on those weaknesses.
Tips for Playing Better Online

Learn how to cancel

There are certain moves in Mortal Kombat X that are tied to animations, which prevent them from continuing a combo. The reason behind this is to stop players from being able to repeat the same move over and over extending their combo until their opponent is dead.
There are however, certain moves that will cancel the animation and replace it with more offense, allowing you continue your combo. These moves are traditionally special attacks, which range from character to character.
By incorporating cancels in your gameplay style, it will greatly improve your combos and is essential to increasing your competitive online play. Cancels are one of the most important techniques in modern fighting games, take time to learn the theory behind.
Tips for Playing Better Online

Find people to play with before going online

It’s fine and dandy to play against the computer to help build your game. However, the only way you are going to increase your competitive online play is by facing other human players. It’s important that at least some of these people are better than you.
There’s not much that you can learn from players at your own level of play, and if you continually play people worse or equal to yourself, you’ll find your taken by surprise when you encounter someone out of your league with techniques you haven’t had exposure to before. It’s true, in the beginning you’ll probably get beat a lot—but that’s part of the process.
Tips for Playing Better Online
The key is not to get discouraged, just focus on one aspect of your game and keep plugging away. Although there have been great breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, there is nothing like playing against the cunning and ingenuity of a human opponent.
If you want to increase your competitive online play, it’s important that you learn how to adapt your gameplay to each individual character within the roster. Don’t play against an opponent who only plays as Johnny Cage.
If your opponent plays that particular character well, then it’s great that you get the opportunity to gain an understanding of that particular matchup. However, you need to cover all of the games matchups in order to perform as a well rounded player.
You can look at this one of two ways. Either that playing against other human opponents is too fierce and you are going to get beat quite a lot. Or, by playing in such an environment that will force you and others to improve.
Tips for Playing Better Online
For myself, I adopt the later mindset and way of thinking. By playing against others, you are going to improve far faster than playing against the computer.

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