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Middle-earth Shadow of War – Online Fight Pits

4 Jan , 2018  

by Matthew Rondina

Get ready to pit your most powerful Orc followers against other players’ Uruks and Ologs online. Through a free update Shadow of War continues to grow in new and interesting ways, this latest patch allows you to test your toughest minions against other armies from around the world.

Through this fight to the death, arena players have the chance to earn powerful rewards and upgrades that can be used to further strengthen their army.

The set up to each fight is relatively simple, select your Orc and send them into battle. The game will then pair your Orc with a foe that is of equal strength and they will fight to the death. The fight itself has little player input and you’ll watch the two brutes duke it out hoping your fighter emerges the victor.

This process is high risk and high reward, if your Orc wins you are showered with loot, lose and your felled ally is removed from your game for good. The AI side doesn’t win or lose anything, so fear not, your Orcs won’t start randomly disappearing – you need to commit them to the fight in order to lose them in the event of a defeat.

Orc Attributes

The one area where you get input on your Orc’s battle readiness is looking at their attributes. For example, if your Orc has a weakness to stealth attacks don’t be hesitant to use him, as stealth is not a factor in the face-to-face fighting pits.

On the flip side if your enemy has a weakness to poison try to counter with one of your fighters that has poison in their arsenal. One misstep that can cost you dearly in the pits is picking a fighter that has an attribute that can enrage your opponent. Their enraged state causes them to attack with greater ferocity and boosts their abilities making them very difficult to defeat.

Visit The Game’s Market

After you emerge from a fight pit victorious you will be awarded with loot to upgrade your Orc army. Keep in mind that these upgrades are not automatically applied and they need to be collected by visiting the market. Once there you will be able to collect, then apply your rewards, whether armour or attribute upgrades be sure to add them as soon as possible to help your chances of success in future fight pit brawls.

I hope these tips help you find success in the fighting pits of Mordor, game on!

About the Author: Matthew Rondina

Matthew has been involved in all things gaming since the 8-bit era. He is a veteran of the video game and tech industry who has been passionate about technology and gaming for over 20 years. Follow Matthew’s gaming adventures on twitter and join in on the fun!


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