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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Tips to help choose your characters

15 Jan , 2018  

Written by: Jon Scarr

If you are new or just starting out with Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, I’m sure you will agree that the game’s sheer number of characters to play as is astonishing. While having a lot of characters to choose from is nice, it makes it harder to choose and can be quite intimidating. Learning a character is a huge time investment, and it can be very difficult knowing where to start and which character to focus on. Read our Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Tips to help choose your characters.

In Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, battles are two-on-two fights so you have to find two characters that work well together. If you are having problems finding characters to choose to start out with, I’m here to help you choose characters to get started and get you on the road to success with Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

Sense and appearance of strength

One of the factors that you should consider when choosing characters is their sense and appearance of strength. This is one of the main reasons why we have tier lists. We want to know who has the best chance of winning, and that is because we want to win ourselves. Though winning might not be your only goal, but nobody wants to lose.

On the other hand, there are also gamers who choose characters that are perceived as weak as a source of pride or for strategic purposes. Let’s face it, it’s hard to know who is weak and strong because tier lists are constantly changing. Whether tier lists can be trusted or not, they affect the meta game, and most take comfort in known that they picked a character who is strong.

The downside of choosing characters based on the sense and appearance of strength is the chances of your opponents having learned the matchup is much greater. Naturally, the chances are lower for lower-tiered characters. And to a certain extent, it acts as a self-balancing mechanism. People tend to train more against stronger characters, and sometimes ignore the weaker ones.

Character traits

Another factor that you should consider when choosing characters in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite are character traits. This entails things like personality, appearance, story, and even values. Though you might think these traits are trivial, if you think about it, the characters you spend hours upon hours learning becomes your avatar.

Playing a set of characters that you like can have a positive affect on your attitude and influence just how well you play. Choosing characters because of their character traits makes sense because these are the characters you will be playing with day in and day out. Think about it, if you choose a pair of characters that have some traits that annoy you such as a high pitch battle cry, it will get you off your game.


Using characters that are strong or have character traits that you like doesn’t matter if you can use them well, and this brings us to the third point you should consider when choosing your team of characters in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. Characters have many different hand motions and button combinations you have to master to pull of their moves to be considered good. Along with hand motions, playstyle can also refer to the design mechanics of a character.

Playstyle is also reflected by how many tools your character has. Some are simple, while others seem like they can do everything. This variety is what makes for a rich fighting experience that many different people can enjoy. Playstyle and character are inseparably related, and at times even their strength and tier are determined by the other two factors.

Beginner character suggestions

So now that you an idea of what to look for when choosing your characters in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, I thought I would give you some tips on characters that make good candidates. By no means do you have to choose these characters, these are simply ideas to help get you thinking.

If you are looking for a character who can knock their opponent out in a few hits and deals out lots of damage, then Hulk is right up your alley. Want a character that is super quick and has long range attacks that allow you to easily mount offense against your opponent? Then, Strider is a perfect choice. Though you need to keep in mind that Strider does incur a lot of damage when hit.

Additionally, characters such as Mega Man X, Iron Man and Nemesis will help teach you movement, how to use projectiles as well as easy to pull off combos.

About the Author: Jon Scarr

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