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Madden Registration Now Open

14 Feb , 2018  

Collegiate Madden returns for Spring 2018; registration is open now through March 4th. Register now to compete for your slice of a $5,000 prize pool!


Madden 2018 is a single player game. CSL will host two online-only circuits in this spring tournament: one for XBox One and one for PS4. There will be a group stage followed by a single elimination playoff bracket; specific information on group size and playoff distribution will be finalized once we know the final number of participants. Participants should register expecting to potentially play through June!

We will be using play-a-friend (Online – Head to Head) using standard NFL club teams with one Best-of-1 match per week throughout the regular season and one round each week in the playoffs; default match time is Saturdays at 12pm PST.

Weekly Match Day

This NEWS POST has a guide to what you can expect on a typical match day, we will also cover the basic overview of a weekly match day below:

  1. Add your opponent ingame through their ingame ID, available on their roster on the CSL website (hover over their name or click through to their profile)
  2. A persistent chat will also open on the CSL website on the match day and automatically populate with both teams so you can communicate
  3. Double check that your opponents do NOT have extra players on their roster – if they do, contact a tournament admin either by email at or live on in our DISCORD SERVER in the Madden Tournament Help chatroom so they can be removed
  4. Play your matches using play-a-friend (Online – Head to Head) with NFL club teams. using your desired team/playbook/uniform (double check that the lobby settings follows the CSL rules properly) and take screenshots of the end results. Matches are Best-of-1.
  5. Report on the match page OR request a forfeit on the match page with the relevant evidence for no shows/the opponent voluntary forfeits. Either team can report, however it is the winner’s responsibility to double check that matches are reported. Any matches not reported will count as a loss for both sides so make sure you check!
  6. If there are no issues, and your matches are reported properly on the CSL site, that’s it! If there are issues, always contact your tournament admins on Discord or by email (always document evidence of ANY issues/conflicts or else we may not be able to verify it and help you!)

As a note, participants can reschedule their matches to another day/time if both sides come to an agreement, however you should expect to leave Saturdays at 12pm PST open by default. Any unreported matches by the end of the regular season will be counted as forfeit losses for both sides and any playoff matches not reported by the end of that weekend will also be forfeited.


The prize pool will be $5,000 with each console’s prize pool being $2,500.

  • $2,500 total per console
  • 1st – $,1000
  • 2nd – $600
  • 3rd-4th – $250
  • 4th-8th – $100

How To Register

This is a free-to-play tournament. That’s right, there is no registration fee! Registration is open to all North American (US and Canada) colleges and univeresities from now through March 4th. Previous participants who are still full-time status students in good standing can continue to use their user account and team from last year; new participants will need to set up their account and team on the CSL site. Please see our RULES PAGE for eligibility and other rules and restrictions.

Create your CSL account and register your “team” (only 1 player allowed per team); each player will need to create their own “team” under their school as well as selecting either PS4 or XBOX by setting your ID in your CSL profile (it will only allow one console to be set). Some basic registration how-to details can be found in THIS VIDEO.

If you have any questions, contact us at at any time!

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