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Madden 19 – Strategy Academy – Tips and Tricks for Your Offense

22 Mar , 2019  

Written By: Matthew Rondina
Huddle up for some great tips to help super-charge your offense in Madden 19! New gameplay changes give greater control and flexibility in how your next rush will land you in the end zone. Let’s review some offensive plays, and get you ready to dominate your opponent!

Practice Makes Perfect

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With so many big gameplay changes making their debut, you don’t want to get caught flat-footed against a more prepared opponent. Remember to make use of the Skills Trainer, a practice mode that breaks down football fundamentals and offers drills that will help hone your offensive skills.
Not only will you get a better feel for the controls, but you’ll start to understand how to read plays and find holes in your opponents defence.
Optimize Real Player Motion (RPM) Controls
Real Player Motion, or RPM, introduces more physics into the gameplay like locomotion, meaning that a player’s weight and built up running momentum will have a bigger impact. Diversify who you run the ball with, it can often have different results.
RPM controls give you greater freedom to execute cuts and use running lanes like never before. This really ups your options for you when on an offensive push.
These new player physics changes can also create pockets of weakness use them to your advantage to create more big plays.
Diversify Your Running and Passing Plays
Even if you are finding success with a single similar play, try not to constantly repeat it as your opponent will know what’s coming. Change up passing and running plays to keep them guessing, making it much harder for them to stop your next play.
Don’t Always Attempt Long-Bombs
Listen, I get it, and I’m guilty of this too, it’s flashier to always try to go for a 40-yard Hail Mary pass, and score a big touchdown, but this can often burn you. The smarter play is going for more consistent yardage gains with safer, shorter passes. I’m not saying never go for the big pass, but make it the exception, not the rule.
Make sure you continue to mix things up between passing and running to avoid having the defence guess your next move.
Give the Defensive Line Headaches
In Madden 19 you can now manually guide your player through the gap, causing more headaches for your opponents defence with “hit the hole.” Keep this in mind for running plays, as you can now traverse through clusters of opponents, instead of coming up against a random hit box and stumbling or falling to the ground. You can gain some serious yardage by learning how to “hit the hole” with finesse, keep this in mind while picking your running plays. If you can’t go around them, go through them!
Optimize Yardage Gains
You are able to fight for every inch on the field as players now have the ability to “Push The Pile.” This allows you to push blockers instead of needing to constantly maneuver around them.
Instead of cutting left or right you now have a third option to push through the blocker and gain more yards.
Madden NFL 19 is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC or on the go with the Android or iOS companion app.

Watch the GRAND FINALS of the Madden NFL 19 Canadian Challenge on Twitch

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