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STRATEGY ACADEMY: Madden 18 Best Wide Receivers

11 May , 2018  

Written by: Matthew Rondina
World Gaming offers an in depth look at the top wide receivers (WRs) in Madden 18, giving you the edge on the gridiron. Check out these Madden 18 Best Wide Receivers.

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Familiarizing yourself with the elite group of WRs at your disposal can be the difference between victory and defeat. Here’s a rundown of the absolute best in Madden 18:
1. Julio Jones – Overall 98 – Atlanta Falcons
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(Source: EA Sports)

Awareness 99
Speed 94
Acc 92
Agility 95
Strength 78
In Madden 18’s debut the game will not feature a 99 overall player, enter the next best thing with Julio Jones. Jones is the best wide receiver in the game, making him a great passing target no matter who is covering him. His speed and jumping capability make him a nightmare for defensive lines to cover, he’s your go to in head-to-head, online match-ups.
Jones in combination with Matt Ryan are a powerhouse duo that look to emerge as the early favorites for online play. Keep an eye on his stats as the season progresses, but if Ryan repeats his MVP season (or comes close) the Falcons will become a Madden 18 online staple.
2. Antonio Brown – Overall 97 – Pittsburgh Steelers
Awareness 98
Speed 92
Acc 93
Agility 98
Strength 54
Trading spots with Jones from last year is Antonio Brown who slips to second with a 97 overall rating. Jones and Brown are in a class of their own, you really can’t go wrong with either player as their stats tell the story. What Brown loses in his strength attribute he makes up for in his route running and traffic catching.
3. A.J. Green – Overall 94 – Cincinnati Bengals
Awareness 95
Speed 91
Acc 90
Agility 94
Strength 72
Green is a little slower than Jones and Brown but he is the tallest player in Madden 18’s top 5 elite WRs. His power and height mean he’s got the reach advantage over a lot of players, allowing him to make big catches with ease.
4. Odell Beckham Jr. – Overall 93 – New York Giants
Awareness 94
Speed 94
Acc 94
Agility 97
Strength 49
The maestro of spectacular catches, OBJ allows you to throw complete bombs and he’ll pull them down all day. Given a small amount of space he can quickly find the end zone with his explosive 94 speed and 97 agility.
5. Dez Bryant – Overall 91 – Dallas Cowboys
Awareness 91
Speed 89
Acc 91
Agility 89
Strength 76
Bryant is the slowest WR in the pack but is always a reliable target. His abilities are highlighted by his 98 jump which is the highest in the WR class.
5. (TIED) Jordy Nelson – Overall 91 – Green Bay Packers
Awareness 98
Speed 88
Acc 91
Agility 88
Strength 67
Nelson reclaims his spot as an elite wide receiver coming back from a torn ACL that sidelined him in 2015. In 2016 he returned to stellar form allowing him to crack the top 5 WR list. His biggest drawbacks as a receiver are his speed and agility but these stats could improve as the season continues.
Be sure to keep a close eye on WRs overall numbers as the season progresses, as they are updated weekly. Hopefully this look at Madden 18’s elite receivers helps you find early success on the field, game on!

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