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Madden 17 Owner Mode: Need-to-Know FAQ

10 Nov , 2016  

Madden 17 Owner Mode lets you experience Madden to its full potential.

For players who are looking for a bigger challenge than playing the field and coaching your team, Owner Mode is for you.

Before you dive into your owner career, look over these commonly asked questions so you have all the best tactics on your side.


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What is Madden 17 Owner Mode?

Let’s start by taking a step back and explaining just what is Owner Mode.

When you’re the owner, you’re playing a different game. You have a new list of features and factors you need to consider:

  • Team Success in previous games to track performance.
  • Media Questions that will affect your team’s popularity and other factors.
  • Team Value which allows owners to study your team’s weak points and make improvements.
  • Finance Review of where money has been spent and where it has been earned from ticket sales and other revenue generating opportunities.
  • Marketing that will increase your finances, team’s popularity, and ticket sales.
  • Stadium rebuild and relocation.
  • Fan Happiness overview to see revenue growth.
  • Staff List full of the best trainers and scouts to grow your team to become the best.

With all these features, you’ll be making a lot of big decisions behind the scenes, so you’ll probably have some questions.


Madden 17 Owner Mode

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Madden 17 Owner Mode FAQ

What do you need to know to get started?

We have the most commonly asked questions and their answers right here.


1. To build the best franchise, should players focus on scouting or developing their coach?

Players should focus on investing in their scouts rather than developing their coaches.

Investing in scouting is a good way to start the season off and also helps build a great team early in the game.

You’ll be able to bring in the best ranking overall players, which in return will help you generate more money when your team’s popularity goes up as a result of winning games during the season.


2. What’s the difference between coach and owner roles?

The two main differences between coach and owner are:

  • As Coach, you have an unlimited amount of funds to use.
  • As Owner, you are the only role that has access to finances. You need to watch where money is earned and spent, and you do start with a limited budget.

Other than that, coach and owner play relatively the same.


3. What do trainers have to offer?

Scouts bring the talent onboard, but trainers develop them even further. Hiring the best trainers can help your team improve.

If you notice your team is lacking in certain aspects while playing on the field, a trainer can help improve that.

Transforming your team from good to great is what trainers do – but at a cost, so use them wisely.


4. Should I adjust my prices during the season?

Adjusting your prices during the season can become a problem not only for you but the for the franchise and fans’ happiness as well.

There are some games that will sell out fast and other games that will be half empty.

It’s best to have your prices balanced at the very beginning of the season and keep them that way to avoid playing the “raise or lower the cost” game which can sometimes result in angry fans and empty pockets.


5. How do I get more fans to buy tickets?

If you’re looking to grow your revenue and ticket sales, you’ll have to price out your tickets reasonably.

If you want to increase fan happiness and revenue, you’ll need to price your tickets at “good value” during the season (with the exception of finals and the championships of course).

Marketing can also help in a big way.

Promoting your best players or fan favorites in the right places will bring out a larger crowd. You won’t have a problem getting fans to buy tickets at all.


6. What do Personality Ratings have to do with marketing?

Player Personality Ratings impact the character’s marketability.

Choosing an athlete that has a high Personality Rating can give you a boost to quickly earn revenue.

Since the athlete is considered to be marketable, they can even get into the top 10 jersey sellers in the NFL.

As a bonus for owners, this will increase the team’s popularity and success.


7. Beware of Free-Agent signings

Free-Agent signings can be a good thing and a bad thing, but not at the same time. I’ll explain.

The first and second year as an owner, don’t sign any Free-Agents because they’re expensive when you’re just starting out.

Free-Agent signings can turn your finances from green to red real quick.

After a few years and once you have a cushy income, sign as many Free-Agents as you need.


8. Should I build a team of rookies?

See what works for your team.

Rookies are tempting because they’re cheap, but most of them don’t have the skill and capability to lead the team to the playoffs.

As an owner, this mistake is costly because you’ll realize you aren’t making as much money, you don’t have any marketable players, and tickets don’t sell as often.

Recruiting a few rookies is fine, but don’t recruit them all.



We’re adding more answers all the time! If you don’t see your question, add it in the comments or tweet us @WorldGaming.



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