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LoL Ranked Scrims – Ladder Season Launch

31 Jan , 2018  

Missed season registration or looking to play more? Either way, this CSL community event is for you! Play ranked scrims against other teams and climb to the top of the ladder for glory (and prizes)!

Ranked Scrims Ladder

We’re excited to test a recently added feature of the website with an awesome opportunity for collegiate League of Legends teams. If you’re in a League of Legends or esports club and are itching for more competitive opportunities, we’ve got the perfect solution for you: “The Ladder”. 

You’ll be able to create teams (or use your existing one!) and play ranked scrims against other teams to improve your teams’ ELO rating. At the end of the Ladder event, the highest ranked teams will win a prize for themselves AND a CSL sponsorship for their club

You do not have to be enrolled in our current JV1/JV2 season in order to participate. Aditionally, participation in this scrim ladder is at-will optional; teams can play as much or as little as they’d like!

For more information including how it works and where to get assistance, click through to this link HERE

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