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JV is Coming: Looking Forward to JV League of Legends

6 Jan , 2018  

Hey there folks, haven’t seen you all since last year!… What, too early? Cheesy puns aside, 2018 is finally upon us, meaning action packed collegiate League of Legends is back and better than ever. With the new year comes new changes, so here is a quick brief on what you should be looking forward to this season.

New Year, New Leagues

This season, Riot has partnered with Battlefy to host the 2018 College League of Legends season, formerly known as University League of Legends. Don’t start turning away from the Collegiate Starleague though. Like last year, CSL will be hosting two more leagues open to all players who are not participating on their premier roster. Instead of Division 2 and Division 3, these leagues are now called Junior Varsity 1 and Junior Varsity 2 respectively. 

Just because these leagues are labeled as Junior Varsity does not mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to them. Here are a few reasons why you should be hyped for this upcoming CSL season!

  • Players that made a splash in uLoL last season will be competing in Junior Varsity and be ones to keep an eye out for, like Maryville University’s West Coast Carry, former top laner for Robert Morris University and 2017 uLoL Semifinalist!
  • Junior Varsity teams for powerhouse schools like University of British Columbia, Columbia College, and Maryville set the bar high for competition this season! Setting a strong precedent for success has helped with recruiting new players. When the varsity roster gets filled up, the overflow of talent goes down to Junior Varsity, so these teams are nothing to be scoffed at.
  • 11 weeks of regular season and playoffs, a live event for Semifinals and Grand Finals, and a $10,000 prize pool! Since this is the first time ever scholarship prizes are offered for this level of competition, teams have all the more incentive to compete harder for a chance at success and glory!
  • More chances for underdogs to rise and dark horse storylines to be created! Last year, Columbia College took the collegiate scene by storm in their rookie season, placing 3rd/4th in their region. Smaller schools like Vanier College shocked the East by nearly taking out former champs McMaster University in the Regional Quarterfinals last year! Which school will prevail this season despite the odds? Who knows, it could be your school!

Be on the lookout for schedules being released soon! Junior Varsity kicks off on January 13th, so the fun is about to begin!

Be sure to keep up with standings for your favorite teams by going to, or checking in on our Twitter and Facebook. While you’re at it, let George know what you are most excited about for Season 8 and what you hope to see throughout Junior Varsity!

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