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Junior Varsity League of Legends Finishes With Simon Fraser On Top

2 May , 2018  

With the end of the weekend came the end of the JV LoL season with the CSL Grand Finals in Huntington Beach, CA. The final matchup brought together two surging programs – Simon Fraser University and the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Despite their varsity squad missing the National Championship, the SFU junior varsity team brought home a title by taking down UIUC in two quick games. En route to the finals, SFU took down the University of British Columbia in the Junior Varsity debut of The Marathon, while UIUC ended the hopes of the Robert Morris University (IL) Eagles in a potentially growing Midwest rivalry.


Simon Fraser University vs. University of Illinois

SFU wins series 2-0


Game 1 — 34:44

Blue: SFU — 24 // 67.9k

Red: UIUC — 7 // 52.2k

Game 2 — 43:22

Blue: UIUC — 17 // 69.9k

Red: SFU — 30 // 89.3k


  • Patience pays off for Simon Fraser. Both games ended with SFU destroying double digit turrets. With each team armed with 11 towers, the Raccoons were aiming for total destruction of their opponents. They completely dominated the objective game by securing six elemental drakes, three Baron Nashors and an elder dragon across the two games. Illinois only secured two elemental drakes, both in Game 2.


  • Simon Fraser proved they’re still a program with some fight on the big stage. Just 15:00 into Game 1, SFU mid-laner “k Shimy” had a scoreline of 5/1/2 and the second highest CS in the game at 127. Once they had that early pressure, the Clan took control of the map. Game 2 didn’t go as smoothly early on, but a key Illini mistake in the bottom lane and better Clan teamfighting brought SFU a victory. 



  • Illinois is shaping up to build a storied legacy in the Big Ten. After asserting themselves as conference contenders on the varsity stage, the JV squad mirrors that success by making a national finals appearance. Sometimes a second-place finish can be a bit sour, but for the Fighting Illini, it should be a hopeful sign of what’s in store for the program.



This weekend wrapped up the inaugural CSL JV League of Legends season, and what an explosive end it was! With rivalries getting not only more storied but deeper, we can see the beginnings of long-term collegiate esports proliferation here. Some of these players will make their way to the varsity level, as well, so they will also be worth keeping an eye on heading into next season, when graduation and Academy opportunities create roster holes across North America.


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Christian Matlock is an esports professional who graduated from the University of Missouri in 2016. He has worked in coaching with Illinois College and was a founding member of Allegiance, a professional esports organization that debuted in Halo and now fields teams in Super Smash Bros and Call of Duty, among others. You can find him on Twitter @CMMatlock.

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