Introducing WorldGaming Rewards

12 May , 2017  

Hey #WGNation, we’ve got some exciting news for you! To reward all of our players, we’re introducing a new loyalty program called WorldGaming Rewards. With the Rewards program you’ll be able to earn and spend Rewards tokens, to make WorldGaming even more fun.


Earning Rewards Tokens

You can earn Rewards tokens by completing weekly quests like “Play in a FIFA 17 bracket”, or “Play five leaderboard challenges”. You’ll see these quests on your Home page:


For this particular quest, your progress will increase as you play NBA 2K17 leaderboard challenges. When you complete this quest, you’ll earn 100 tokens. Your tokens will be displayed in the header bar:


You can also earn Rewards tokens as prizes in some tournaments.


Spending Rewards Tokens

We’ll regularly run Rewards tournaments which will be listed on the Tournaments page. You’ll need tokens to buy in to these tournaments, but the prizes will be cash, more tokens, or swag.


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