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Injustice 2 Character Overview

5 Jul , 2017  

Written by Jon Scarr
Injustice 2 Character Overview

Injustice 2 features the largest roster yet in a NetherRealm Studios fighter, and many players are on the hunt for the villain or hero that they play as. To help you choose who is best for you, I’ve put together a brief character breakdowns.

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Here you will find a little bit of background on each character and their strengths and weakness, I hope you enjoy.


Strengths – Good defensive character, second tier strength stats, and top tier ability stats.

Aquaman is the King of Atlantis, and since the events in Injustice his intent was to keep the Kingdom of Atlantis separate from the world. Aquaman wields the Trident of Poseidon, which gives him control over the elements of lightning and water.

Aquaman uses his trident with sufficient skill, allowing him to battle off waves of enemies when he combines his super strength and the weapon together.

Weaknesses – You’ll need patience to master Aquaman, one of the lowest health stats in the game.

Injustice 2 Character Overview



Strengths – Powerful attacks, excellent health stats, fast combo chains

Atrocitus is the leader of the Red Lantern Corps and is seeking revenge against the Green Lantern Corps for their murderous oppression of his homeworld. He was originally a background character in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

In the right hands, Atrocitus can be truly devastating!

Weaknesses – Slow moving, need to be on offense all the time.

Injustice 2 Character Overview


Strengths – Powerful attacks, good health and ability stats

Betrayed by the Regime after Superman’s defeat, Bane has relentlessly been pursued by Batman. Having already spent most of his life in prison, Bane is determined to take revenge against his former Regime masters and take control of Gotham city.

Bane possesses a keen intellect and a body trained to physical perfection with superhuman strength. He uses his great strength and body size to his total advantage, employing his surprising speed to overwhelm his foe with powerful strikes.

Weaknesses – Slow moving, vulnerable to quicker characters

Injustice 2 Character Overview


Strengths – Well-balanced with a few good ranged attacks, combo chains can cause massive damage

One of the most recognizable superheroes of all time, Batman is still one of the most dangerous men alive. His costume acts as a body armor, while his utility belt hides a large array of advanced weapons including the infamous Batarangs, a grappling gun that he uses to pull and propel himself, and various type of bombs.

Batman is leading the fight against Gorilla Grodd’s Society, and the much larger threat Brainiac.

Weaknesses – Low tier strength and defense, requires quite a bit of training to master.

Injustice 2 Character Overview

Black Adam

Strengths – Ability to deal out devastating ranged attacks, high tiered strength and top tier abilities and defenses

Known to be both a super villain and an anti hero, Black Adam received his incredible powers from Shazam. His super human strength, speed, stamina, and invulnerability are on par with that of Superman’s. He posses the power of flight, and can use his magic lightning in several different ways.

Weaknesses – Low tier health

Injustice 2 Character Overview

Black Canary

Strengths – Easy to pull of attacks, quick moving, Super Power move is one of the most effective in the entire game

After sacrificing everything in her fight against the Regime, Black Canary was forced to flee before the fight was over. Now that order has been restored, she has returned home to set things right, promising to never again silence her canary’s cry.

Black Canary’s physical training has given her peak human condition with considerable stamina and agility. Her skill level is comparable to Batman’s, allowing her to easily take on an entire gang of attackers with ease.

Weaknesses – Normal attacks don’t deal a lot of damage, extremely vulnerable

Injustice 2 Character Overview

Blue Beetle

Strengths – Decent all-around fighter, good speed, variety of good movies, top-tier ability stats, combo chains hit fast and hard from mid-range.

Just a teenager when an alien scarab infused with his body, Blue Beetle has amazing abilities. He has a mix of brute power and mechanical weaponry that allows him to bust through any defense. Additionally, Blue Beetle’s special power lets him change his hands into blades which extend his reach for a more versatile melee option.

Blue Beetle has a very strong projectile game. Pepper your opponent with your Energy Cannon, and if they get too close use your Blade Stab to prevent anyone from jumping in on you.

Weaknesses – Combo chains can be difficult to pull off for new players, strength stats middling.
Injustice 2 Character Overview


Strengths – Powerful character, good strength, defense and top tier ability stats.

Brainiac is an intelligent being with megalomaniac aspirations of absorbing all the universes knowledge so he can become ultimate supreme being. He is responsible for destroying Superman and Supergirl’s homeworld of Krypton.

He arrives on earth to finish what he started by destroying the last of the living Kryptonians, and to add humanity’s knowledge to his collection.

Weaknesses – Difficult to master and not recommended for new players.

Injustice 2 Character Overview

Captain Cold

Strengths – Well-balanced with a few good ranged attacks

Captain Cold is seeking revenge for the murder of his sister at the hands of Superman’s Regime, and he has joined Gorilla Grodd’s Society thinking it is his best means of getting back at the remaining Regime members.

Captain Cold possesses a cold gun, which generates a cold field at absolute zero temperatures. His Cold Gun can also fire streams of ice as beams, creating ice wherever they strike. Captain Cold is a skilled tactician and has led the Rogues for many years.

Weaknesses – Slow moving, only one overhead normal with no low in the same string, slow projectile

Injustice 2 Character Overview


Strengths – Great combos, good range attacks, quick moving

Consistently walking the line between hero and villain, Catwoman is seen as both a help and annoyance to Batman. This often prevents Batman from placing his full trust in her.

Catwoman fully embraces her feline instincts. Extremely agile and brutal, Catwoman wields her deadly whip and isn’t afraid to use it on her enemies. Furthermore, her claws are the perfect way to end a particularly nasty combo.

Weaknesses – Underpowered, low defense

Injustice 2 Character Overview


Strengths – Amazing combo chains, tremendous speed

Cheetah was formally known as Barbara Ann Minerva, an archaeologist. She betrayed Wonder Woman to claim the powers of a God, not knowing that she would be cursed forever in the physical manifestation of Cheetah. Cheetah somehow blamed Wonder Woman for everything that went wrong, and became obsessed with drawing her out into the open so she can kill her once and for all.

Cheetah possesses enhanced strength, speed, durability, stamina, and agility all comparable to Wonder Woman, allowing her to fight on an even playing field. Her claws are strong enough to cut and wound Wonder Woman.

Weaknesses – Deals very little damage, extremely vulnerable

Injustice 2 Character Overview


Strengths – Lots of useful moves that work well in both close and long range, high ability stats, charge move can stop an opponent’s combo chain instantly.

After losing his friends in the destruction of Metropolis, Cyborg’s anger turned his loyalties towards Superman and The Regime. Though still loyal to Superman, Cyborg has reluctantly joined Batman and others to combat the invasion of Brainiac.

Cyborg is protected by Promethium metal shaped into a mechanical exo-skeleton, armed with advanced weaponry and constantly synced to the internet 24/7. Cyborg’s mechanical body gives him superhuman strength and durability.

Weaknesses – Some of his combo chains that start with a long power move can be countered by quicker characters.

Injustice 2 Character Overview


Strengths – One of the most powerful characters, most moves deal major damage, easy to learn combos and special moves

Darkseid is the Lord of Apokolips and is one of the most powerful characters in the DC universe. Darkseid is virtually impervious to physical harm, much like Superman. He also possesses superhuman strength, which rivals that of Superman.

One of his most unique abilities is his ability to generate beams of intense energy from his eyes. Unlike Superman, Darkseid can move them about in a zig-zag fashion, so they always hit their target. He is also capable of levitating thanks to his telekinesis.

Weaknesses – Low defense statistics, slow speed

Injustice 2 Character Overview


Strengths – Ability to deal out devastating ranged attacks, easy to pull of combo chains, great ability to keep ranges and pin enemies down with multiple shots

Deadshot is a hired assassin and the world’s greatest marksman. Being a mercenary, he’ll commit any murder for the right price because of a notorious suicidal death wish. He has been a member of Checkmate, the Killer Elite, the Secret Six and the Suicide Squad.

Deadshot is the owner of quite a few guns. He is fully capable of manipulating the shots from his wrist cannon for close-quarters fighting, or taking out his rifle for some long-range shooting.

Weaknesses – All of his projectiles can be avoided by ducking and blocking.

Injustice 2 Character Overview

Doctor Fate

Strengths – Ability to deal out devastating ranged attacks, moves and combos can prevent opponents from using environmental attacks, unblockable moves by using his Glyphs

Kent Nelson is a powerful sorcerer that has the ability to see the world’s fate. Although, his Helmet compels him to maintain the world’s fate for the sake of Order, his ever present humanity causes him to intervene.

Doctor Fate’s specialty is magic, and he employs a lot of it in his fighting style. Whether it’s up close or at a distance, Doctor Fate has a spell capable of repelling an opponent. Though he may not be the heaviest hitter on the roster, his magic makes him a formidable foe.

Weaknesses – Low-tiered defense

Injustice 2 Character Overview


Strengths – Well-balanced with a few good ranged attacks

Firestorm is the joining of two minds in one body, the young Jason Rusch and Professor Martin Stein, the full extent of their power is still unknown.

As a long-range fighter, Firestorm uses fireballs and other flaming projectiles to keep opponents out while he jets around the screen using his flame powers. His character trait is his nuclear level, where Firestorm can augment his powers, turning the fires on his body bright blue.

Weaknesses – Combo chains can be difficult to pull off even for experienced players

Injustice 2 Character Overview

The Flash

Strengths – Fastest character in the game, great ranged attacks, anti-air special attack with incredible range, most damaging Super Move in the game, easy to pick up and play

Once known as The Fastest Man Alive, Barry Allen hung up his boots after defecting from the Regime. However, as a new enemy threatens the innocent, The Flash returns to action, determined to redeem himself.

Flash uses his speed to overwhelm his opponents and keep them on their toes, but he also packs enough of a wallop to really control a fight. While most of the faster characters don’t necessarily do much damage per hit, The Flash is always dishing out the hurt.

Weaknesses – Moves so fast that sometimes leaves him open to attacks

Injustice 2 Character Overview

Gorilla Grodd

Strengths – Extremely powerful attacks, much quicker than other characters in his class, great ability to close the distance on long-range characters.

Gorilla Grodd is a super-intelligent telepathic Gorilla who gained his power after an alien spaceship crashed into is home in Africa. The ship’s pilot granted Grodd and his tribe with intelligence, with Grodd also gaining the powers of telepathic and telekinetic powers.

Grodd is a highly evolved gorilla with an intelligent mind and a brain so powerful, he is capable of controlling his foes both mentally and physically. His body is far larger, stronger, faster, and more durable than the average human being. This allows him to overwhelm his opponents with brute force.

Weaknesses – Surprisingly vulnerable for his size, low defense

Injustice 2 Character Overview

Green Arrow

Strengths – Great ability to keep distance between himself and his opponents

Green Arrow is a lot like Batman in that he’s completely human and that he has to rely on his wits, equipment, and weapons. He’s also a master archer with superhuman-like skills with a bow.

As a gadget-type hero, Green Arrow makes good use of his equipment. His wide range of arrow-based attacks make him a difficult character to predict.

Weaknesses – Very low health and defense, one of the most vulnerable characters in the game.

Injustice 2 Character Overview

Green Lantern

Strengths – Great combos that can be chained together, strong defense

After joining the Sinestro Corps in the previous Injustice game, Green Lantern has been rehabilitated. He has returned to earth to redeem himself in the eyes of the other heroes and help stop Brainiac’s invasion on Earth.

Green Lantern and his ring go hand-in-hand. He uses it to make different constructions that are great for long-range, mid-range, or close-quarters fighting.

Weaknesses – Vulnerable if combo chain broken, very low health, frustrating for new players to master

Injustice 2 Character Overview

Harley Quinn

Strengths – Very well balanced, decent ranged attacks, massive combo chains

In Injustice 2, Harley Quinn switches over to Batman’s side so she can get revenge on Superman for killing The Joker. Harley is a gadget-type character who loves her guns and bombs. She mixes together an acrobatic fighting style with her pistols to create a violent work of art.

Weaknesses – Slow combo set up leaves her vulnerable

Injustice 2 Character Overview

The Joker

Strengths – Variety of combos, special movie can be chained with Meter Burn combos

The Joker is Batman’s most well know and greatest arch-rival. Thought to be killed by Superman, The Joker is back and is responsible for the destruction of Metropolis. He set the events in motion which made enemies of Superman and Batman.

Joker is a gadget-type hero that just loves his toys. Whether it be a can of gas or his joy buzzer, Joker is always ready to play dirty.

Weaknesses – Weak defensive stats make him vulnerable to strong opponents

Injustice 2 Character Overview

Poison Ivy

Strengths – Well-balanced with a few good ranged attacks, good combo chains

Poison Ivy, formally known as Dr. Pamela Isley, was a botanical biochemist who wanted to make the world a safe place for plant life to flourish. During her time as a doctor, she was experimented on and injected with toxins. These toxins gave her the ability to produce mind-controlling pheromones and gave her the ability to control plants.

Poison Ivy is beautiful, nimble, and deadly. With control of plant-life and toxins flowing through her veins, Ivy is prepared for combat. Not only will she plant a toxic kiss on any opponent, she’ll also summon plants from the ground to protect her and attack all that threaten mother nature.

Weaknesses – Combo chains can be difficult to pull off, completely vulnerable if combo chain is broken

Injustice 2 Character Overview


Strengths – Ability to deal out devastating ranged attacks and combo chains, overall balanced fighter

Raised from birth by the League of Assassins, Damian has always been at odds with his father’s no killing code. Robin has now fled from Batman, turning antihero and has sided with Superman.

Robin, like Batman, is a gadget-type character that relies heavily on his equipment. In Robin’s case, he utilizes his sword and a mix of birdarangs to get a job done.

Weaknesses – Combos are easily countered by faster moving characters

Injustice 2 Character Overview


Strengths – One of the strongest characters in the game, normal moves cause a lot of damage and have longest range in the game.

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Scarecrow plays on the fears of the unknown to inflict terror on his victims. An anarchist obsessed with using chemistry and psychology to spread and study fear. He joined with Gorilla Grodd’s Society to help spread fear on a global scale.

Scarecrow utilizes his Fear Toxin and a scythe attached to a chain to inflict pain on his opponents. This allows him to create some wicked combos, and escape combat when the going gets tough.

Weaknesses – Slow recovery time, low defense stats

Injustice 2 Character Overview


Strengths – Ability to deal out devastating ranged attacks, great versatility makes her great for newcomers, combo chains and special moves are easy to execute, Super Move does a great amount of damage.

Originally sent to Earth at the same time as her cousin Superman, Supergirl’s ship was knocked off course and she drifted in space in a cryogenic state. When she finally landed on Earth, Superman had already been imprisoned by Batman.

Much like her cousin, Superman, Supergirl is a powerful character capable of dealing considerable damage. While she may not be as brutal as Superman, she does make up for it by being able to fly around the map.

Weaknesses – Teleport is easily blocked by opponent.

Injustice 2 Character Overview


Strengths – Well-balanced with a few good ranged attacks

Besides Batman, Superman is one of the most well-known DC characters. Superman’s change of personality is the result of him being driven to contempt and bitterness after getting tricked by The Joker into killing Lois Lane and their unborn child.

Superman is all about using his all-out power to decimate his opponents. Our yellow sun gifted Superman with numerous powers including heat vision, super breath, and the ability to fly. Superman has access to these powers and more, which makes him a formidable power house.

Weaknesses – Surprisingly slow moving, easily countered, vulnerable to the faster characters in the game.

Injustice 2 Character Overview

Swamp Thing

Strengths – Attacks deal good damage, more powerful attacks aim low and catch opponents off-guard

Swamp Thing is a living elemental who is a protector of all plant life. He has joined with the other heroes to protect Earth from Brainiac and all those who are a danger to it.

Swamp Thing channels the nature around him when attacking his opponents. Many of his special moves do aim for the legs, which is great if you want to trip up the enemy.

Weaknesses – Slow moving, faster moving characters can exploit his weaknesses very easy

Injustice 2 Character Overview

Wonder Woman

Strengths – Good strength and health stats,

Wonder Woman has been completely redone and plays differently than she did in Injustice: Gods Among Us. In Injustice 2, Wonder Woman places a heavy emphasis on the equipment she has.

Though still a power-type fighter, Wonder Woman makes ample use of her Lasso of Truth and shield in combat.

Weaknesses – A bit slow, somewhat lacking collection of moves, vulnerable to faster moving characters.

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