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Injustice 2 Character Overview Sub-Zero

5 Mar , 2018  

First debut: Mortal Kombat

Sub-Zero is a DLC character for Injustice 2 as part of the first fighter pack, which included Red Hood and Starfire. He is quite possibly one of the most famous characters in the Mortal Kombat franchise. Sub-Zero first interacted with DC characters in 2008’s Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and made a non-playable cameo in Injustice: Gods Among Us. Check out our Injustice 2 Character Overview Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero’s amazing ability to control ice allows him to keep his opponents at bay by freezing them. He can also add a layer of defensive between himself and his opponents by creating an ice statue that is a perfect replica of himself. Additionally, Sub-Zero is well trained in various hand-to-hand combat styles and is a perfect match to his martial arts skill during fights.

Base Stats:

  • Strength – 1100
  • Ability – 1100
  • Defense – 950
  • Health – 1000

Strengths – Ice attacks and quick combos make him dangerous at close range, abilities allow him to push enemies back giving him a chance to recoup, defensively solid character.

Weaknesses – Ice Ball attack is slow moving and can be easily avoided or blocked at a distance, predictable moves, unless you play aggressively you’ll easily be dominated.

Powers and Abilities

Sub-Zero brings the majority of his ice-based moves from Mortal Kombat X into Injustice 2. He has fine tuned his ability to control ice to perfection. His ability to form hammers, swords, and daggers from ice to use as weapons against his enemies will deal a fair amount of damage to his foes.

Special Moves

Ice Burst – By slamming his fist into the ground, Sub-Zero knocks his opponent back in a cloud of ice. If this move is Meter Burned, Sub-Zero delivers a follow up elbow to cause more damage. PlayStation 4: Down, Back + Square Xbox One: Down, Back + X

Polar Puncture – Sub-Zero grabs his opponent and stabs them with ice daggers. Meter Burning the attack freezes the opponent, allowing for follow-up attacks. PlayStation 4: Down, Back, Forward + Square Xbox One: Down, Back, Forward + X

Ice Ball – This classic Sub-Zero move see him throw an “ice ball” at his opponents. If this move is Meter Burned after the “ice ball” hits, your opponent will stay frozen allowing for additional attacks. PlayStation 4: Down, Forward + Triangle Xbox One: Down, Forward + Y

Frost Hammer – Sub-Zero uses this aerial move to call upon his frost hammer in mid-air and slams knock his opponent down by slamming the hammer to the ground. If you Meter Burn this move you lunge forward and get an additional strike with the hammer. PlayStation 4: Down, Back + Triangle Xbox One: Down, Back +Y

Slide – Another classic Sub-Zero move, he slides across the floor on a trail of ice, flipping his opponent up into the air. If you Meter Burn this move Sub-Zero performs an additional ice blast for even more. PlayStation 4: Back, Forward + X Xbox One: Back, Forward + A

Character Power

Each character in Injustice 2 has a Character Power. It is a strong special move with a long cooldown that should be used to surprise your opponent. Sub-Zero’s Character Power is called Ice Klone and allows him to leave an ice klone of himself.

If an opponent touches the klone, he/she will instantly freeze and are susceptible to attacks.

Ice Burst – When performed next to a standard ice burst, Sub-Zero will hit it and send ice shards plummeting at his opponent. PlayStation 4: Down, Back + Square Xbox One: Down, Back + X.

Klone Toss – This allows Sub-Zero to throw his ice klone at his opponent, freezing them upon impact. PlayStation 4: O Xbox One: B

Meter Burn – Meter Burning this move right after creating an ice klone causes Sub-Zero to create an aerial klone.

Super Move

Sub-Zero’s supermove is known as Deep Freeze and is performed by pressing R2+L2/RT+LT. Sub-Zero sends a wave of ice towards his opponent by punching the ground. Upon impact, he slides under his opponent’s feet and freezes them in mid-air.

He then brings out an ice hammer, which he uses to send his opponent across the map. This is followed up by Sub-Zero teleporting to the other side of the flying enemy and freezing them in mid-air again. Finally, he grabs his opponent by the head and slams them into the ground.

Tips and tricks for using Sub-Zero

Ice Ball now deals damage to your opponent and will destroy your opponent’s projectile in air when Meter Burned. This means that you wont trade blows via projectiles from you opponent. This allows you to dash in for free to dish out additional damage. Keep in mind that this move is unsafe, so always perform it from a distance.

Polar Puncture is unblockable and is a great way to end your combos. Additionally, if you Meter Burn this move, it serves as a great way to extend your combos. Although Ice Burst doesn’t do a lot of damage and is not really good for ending your combos, it is an excellent way to keep yourself safe if you do an unsafe attack string.

If your opponent is in range after performing the Ice Klone, slide. Your opponent will fall into the Klone and thus freezing them. Be careful, if your opponent blocks your slide they can get a full combo on you.

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