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STRATEGY ACADEMY: Injustice 2 Character Overview Hellboy

27 Mar , 2018  

First debut: Injustice 2

Hellboy is a DLC character for Injustice 2 as part of the second fighter pack, which includes Black Manta and Raiden. A character from Dark Horse comics, Hellboy is a member of the Bureau. He defends Earth from demons, fiends, witches, and monsters who threaten the world. Check out our Injustice 2 Character Overview Hellboy.

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Base Stats:

  • Strength – 1250
  • Ability – 1000
  • Defense – 800
  • Health – 1100

Strengths – Hellboy’s trusty pistol can pull off quick attacks, high damage fighter, most combo strings are dangerous on block.

Weaknesses – Slow moving, relies on short attacks rather than long chain combos, play-style feels vastly different from other characters and thus makes him difficult to play as.

Powers and Abilities

Hellboy likes to use a wide assortment of grenades and magical relics along with his revolver in battle. However, his main source of attacks come from his indestructible stone-like hand that grants him invulnerability and enhanced strength.

Special Moves

Devil’s Revolver – A shot is fired from Hellboy’s pistol, which does a fairly decent amount of damage to his opponent. This move can be Meter Burned, which will cause more damage to your opponent and knock them back further. PlayStation 4: Back, Forward + Square Xbox One: Back, Forward + X

Doom Furry – Hellboy grabs his opponent and hits them three times with his Right Hand of Doom. The third and final hit knocks his opponent away. Meter Burning this move allows Hellboy to grab his opponent with the Right Hand of Doom on the last hit and bounce them off the ground. PlayStation 4: Down, Back, Forward + X Xbox One: Down, Back, Forward + A

Hand of God – Using his Right Hand of Doom, Hellboy grabs his opponent out of the air and slams them to the ground. Meter Burning this move will slam your opponent to the opposite side and allows for a juggle. PlayStation 4: Down, Back + Triangle Xbox One: Down, Back + Y

Devil’s Shoulder – Hellboy charges his opponent and knocks them off their feet. Meter Burning this move sees Hellboy to hit his opponent over the head with the Right Hand of Doom. PlayStation 4: Back, Forward + Triangle Xbox One: Back, Forward + Y

Fist of Doom – This attack allows Hellboy to jump into the air and smash the ground beneath his opponent, which knocks them off their feet. It can be cancelled mid-air and will allow you to use any other jump attack out of it. Meter Burning this move will inflict additional damage via four more punches. PlayStation 4: Down, Forward + X Xbox One: Down, Forward + A

Character Power

Each character in Injustice 2 has a Character Power. It is a strong special move with a long cooldown that should be used to surprise your opponent. Hellboy’s Character Power is very similar to that of Wonder Woman, except you can choose which buffs you get.
It’s essentially a multiplier for his attacks that allow him to do more damage, reduce the amount of damage taken, more armour, and coming back from the dead.

Super Move

Hellboy’s supermove is known as Final Resting Place and is performed by pressing R2+L2/RT+LT. Hellboy knocks his opponent into Hell and punches them several times as they are falling to Hell. Once in Hell, demons attack his opponent and Hellboy smashes them with an axe.

Tips and tricks for using Hellboy

The key to be successful with Hellboy is to get up into your opponent’s face and then do 50/50 mix-ups to inflict damage. Hellboy’s mids are a great way to force your opponents to block. Quickly follow up with the Fist of Doom to punish them.

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The Doom Fury is a great move to inflict damage on your opponent, but is only unblockable if your opponent is standing. It’s a high attack, so if your opponent is crouching you won’t be able to throw them.


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