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STRATEGY ACADEMY: Injustice 2 Character Overview Atom

2 Apr , 2018  

First debut: Injustice 2

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Atom is a DLC character for Injustice 2 as part of the third fighter pack, which includes Enchantress and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Although Atom appeared in the background in a stage in Injustice: Gods Among Us, this is the first time he is presented as a playable fighter. Check out our Injustice 2 Character Overview Atom.

When the original Atom Ray Palmer disappeared, Ryan Choi has taken over the role as the Atom during his mentor’s absence. With the power of quantum shrinking technology and the quantum bio-belt, Choi has set out to find his mentor and fight for justice.

Base Stats:

  • Strength – 1050
  • Ability – 1150
  • Defense – 900
  • Health – 1050

Strengths – Very quick moving, impressive arsenal of weapons, easy to get your opponent frustrated by using Atom’s shrinking ability, can be played as a range/mix-up/defensive character.

Weaknesses – Difficult to build up combos, regular attacks are weak, doesn’t excel in any one particular style of gameplay.

Powers and Abilities

The Atom’s strength comes from his amazing ability to move around quickly and his special moves. His superpower move allows Atom to shrink to a tiny dot and zip all of the arena, you can get some serious damage from this style.

Special Moves

Atom Bomb – The Atom stomps the ground knocking his opponent off their feet. This low attack can felt from the other side of the screen. If you Meter Burn this move, it gives it a slightly longer start up but makes the move unblockable. PlayStation 4: Down, Back + Triangle Xbox One: Down, Back + Y

Atomizer – The Atom takes his trust gun out and blasts his opponent. If you Meter Burn this move it will extend the combo by engulfing your opponent in an energy and having them float in the air for a few seconds. PlayStation 4: Back, Forward + Square Xbox One: Back, Forward + X

Catalyst Chaos – Atom throws a potion on the ground which explodes at his opponent’s feet and hits low. You can throw the potion a little bit further—about jumping distance—by holding forward. If you Meter burn this move it will increase the amount of damage dealt to your opponent PlayStation 4: Down, Forward + X Xbox One: Down, Forward + A

Defying Gravity – This allows you to hover in the air and slowly make your way back down to the ground. PlayStation 4: Jump, Down, Back + Triangle Xbox One: Jump, Down, Back +Y

Experiment X525 – Atom throws a potion on the ground that can be mixed with Catalyst Chaos to create a poison that deals out damage over a certain amount of time. Meter Burning will increase the amount of damage done. PlayStation 4: Down, Back + X Xbox One: Down, Back + A

Proton Port – This allows Atom to teleport behind his opponent. This move can also be done while in the air. If you Meter Burn this move you will teleport behind your opponent and hit them with an uppercut. PlayStation 4: Down, Back + Square Xbox One: Down, Back + X

Fermion Fury – Atom rushes his opponent and then shrinks to sub atomic size and hits his opponent several times then returns to normal size. If you Meter Burn this move it allows you more time to get hits in and combos. PlayStation 4: Back, Forward + Triangle Xbox One: Back, Forward + Y

Character Power

Each character in Injustice 2 has a Character Power. It is a strong special move with a long cooldown that should be used to surprise your opponent. Atom’s Character Power allows him to shrink down to a tiny dot. In this state he cannot be hit and allows him to get some critical punches in against his opponents.

Super Move

Atom’s supermove is performed by pressing R2+L2/RT+LT. Atom shrinks and grows to a giant, crushing his opponent with his fists. This move actually has two chances to hit the enemy which opens up the chances of the move landing.

Tips and tricks for using Atom

Atom has one of the best sweeps in Injustice 2. It is fast and has very good range, and while doing it you are crouching, which allows you to dodge attacks or projectiles. Looking at Atom’s attack strings, Overreacting is both great for ending and starting combos if you use Meter Burn.

The Atom’s Character Power is a very high risk/high reward move. The longer you use his Character Power, the longer Atom will be stunned when it ends. If you let the meter drain all the way, you will be stunned for almost two full seconds. However, if you cancel the move half way through, you will only be stunned for a short period of time. If you end with a throw, you’ll avoid being stunned altogether.

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