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How to Increase Hits MLB 16: The Show

9 Jun , 2016  

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to how to increase hits in MLB 16: The Show.

It goes beyond knowing whether the pitcher is about velocity or break, and which hand they use to pitch.

The bottom line is, if you’re looking to win more games you need to have an awesome offence to score those runs, not just some great arms in the field.

So read on to find out 4 strategies for improving your MLB 16 batting average.


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Strategy 1: Skill Points

Skill points are essential to increasing your ball hitting game. Skill points are:

  • Earned from training practices or games.
  • Used to increase ball-hitting.

The major ball-hitting areas you want to focus your skills on are:

  • Contact VS. RPH / Contact VS. LPH
  • Power VS. RPH / Contact VS. LPH

You can upgrade them at the same time or just focus on one for now, but these are the two skill slots you need to pay attention to to increase hits in MLB 16.  These skills are essential for hitting the ball every single time you step up to the plate.

Increasing contact changes the batting zone from blue to red, creating hot-zones and making you hit the ball each and every time as your player becomes more adapt to the pitcher’s style.

Maybe you’ll break the hitting streak set by New York Yankee’s Joe DiMaggio!

While contact is important, power is what drives the ball either to the outfields or outside the ballpark. Power increases your chances to hit the ball further, AKA more chances to drive runs in to home plate. 

When you’re trying to increase your hitting or continue your streak, power will help you either make those runs or get a RBI.


Strategy 2: Timing

Timing your batting with the ball can be difficult at first.

Some pitchers throw balls too slow or too fast for you to even hit. Learning a pitcher’s patterns can easily turn the tide of the game around.

On the right of the screen, you can see what your last mistake was when you were last at bat and the ball that was pitched for your second swing. Examining the timing of your last swing will help you have a better chance of hitting the ball next time.

You swung too early?

Don’t worry, you can always find a zone where you hit the ball with the right timing.


Strategy 3: Pitch Guessing

This pitch mechanic has been around for a long time and can be one of the most useful mechanics in the game to increase your hitting.

Guess Pitching lets you predict what type of ball they’re going to pitch and the location of the ball, and the best part is, if you’re right on where they’re pitching you’ll have a higher chance of getting a hit versus a strike.


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Strategy 4: Practice

No matter what type of game you’re playing, it takes practice.

A lot of practice.

And this may seem like an obvious strategy, but a lot of gamers Rage-Quit from the start because they expect to be amazing from the get-go.

Not the case IRL, and not the case in MLB 16.

It’s a good idea to practice during games, when you have a chance to do training, and during the off-season. 

Practicing is a great way to not only earn skill points, but to learn to control your batting so you can crank out those homers every time. 

If you’re not into practice mode, you could just turn down the difficulty level for sliders.
Tell us your batting strategies and tactics that you use to increase your hits in the comments below!


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