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What Is Included In Destiny 2: Curse Of Osiris?

28 Dec , 2017  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

Activision and Bungie released the first major DLC expansion for Destiny 2 arrived on December 5th.  Curse of Osiris expansion not only adds additional content to the campaign, but acted as the kickstarter for Season 2.  With more than three million players online, the fan base was clamouring for more content to last bring them into the new year.

Additionally, if you are playing on a Xbox One X you will have found the game received an update including 4K enhancements and HDR improvements.

Incase you were on the fense or wondering what if you have missed something, I have broken down what Curse of Osiris adds to Destiny 2.

Campaign and Mission

Right off the bat, The Curse of Osiris expands the planetary map and opens up Mercury.  Players of the first Destiny will remember The Lighthouse, which was a social space to players who won the Trials of Osiris.

This time around, Guardians are to track down the infamous Osiris and aid him in his battle against the Vex.  While the overworld of Mercury is the smallest of the available planets, the Infinite Forest help expand the battlegrounds.  Of the nine new campaign missions, five have you running through Mercury.  The other four will task you in returning to the other planets in an attempt to thwart Panoptes’ plan.

What Is Included In Destiny 2's DLC

                Completion of campaign will open up Public Events on Mercury.


Aesthetically, Mercury is heavily based on Egyptian architecture.  Osiris, obviously based on the Egyptian god of the afterlife, and antagonist; Panoptes is influenced by the all-seeing Greek God and reimagined as a Vex Infinite Mind.  The final boss battle against Panoptes is the highlight of the new campaign.  Instead of Panoptes acting as a bullet-sponge, the mission mixes in some elements of Raid content to dispose of the giant Vex enemy in a unique way.

After taking down Panoptes, a list of “Adventures” is unlocked.  Completing these will give players access to the Weapons Forge on Mercury and allow Guardians to create unique weapons and armour. Along the way players may find Simulation Seeds. Thus, You can exchange these to Brother Vance along with Mercury Tokens for Legendary or Exotic rewards.

New Gear and Loot

Additionally, Destiny 2 has expanded the level cap for Guardians that have the update installed.  Boosting the level cap up to 25, and the Power Level up to 330 (335 with mods).  All this means there must be new gear to get you to that point.

Throughout the campaign you’ll likely obtain a handful of Engrams that contain Osiris specific gear.  Each are identifiable by the small symbol within the menu.  As you progress from level 20-25 each new level obtained will net you a Illuminated Engram.  These will net you the same type of rewards Bright Engrams will, only now they will include Legendary or Exotic Osiris loot.

  Players can obtain Prometheus Lens through random loot drops or purchase it from Xur.


As of writing this piece, the most infamous piece of new gear is Prometheus Lens.  This new Trace Rifle is a beast on the battlefield.  Whether it is playing through campaign missions, or the Crucible; Prometheus Lens is an incredibly efficient weapon.  Because of the gun’s area of effect and rapid firepower there is little to no sense in using any other weapon during PVP.  That is until it inevitably gets nerfed upon a new update.

Additionally, Hunter, Titan, and Warlock will all receive their own new sets of armour to obtain.  Along the way, new sparrow, ships and Ghost shell variants will be available through the Eververse.

Season 2 Activities

The Friday after Curse of Osiris launched, Bungie released the new Raid Lair.  Eater of Worlds acts as a counterpart to the proper Leviathan Raid experience.  Eater of Worlds incorporates some of the same areas as Leviathan, but mixes in new challenges and a shorter runtime.  The major difference between the two is the end boss. A new foe is waiting at the end of the Raid; Argos.  New Raid gear is rewarded for completion of a regular run, and even better loot for those willing to run it on Prestige difficulty.

Incase you are not feeling the challenge of a raid, there is an new Strike you can tackle.  The new Strike has a vanilla run as well as a Heroic variant.  The Strike takes the campaign mission; Garden World and ups the ante in order to make it challenging for a Fireteam to complete a run.  Other than possibility of Legendary Engrams, the Strike leaves players wanting more for a new experience.

Players can chose a Curse of Osiris playlist in Crucible to play on the two new maps.


Finally, Crucible received two new PVP maps included in the expansion.  The first is Pacifica, which pits players on one of the rigs seen on the Titan planet.  Players can take advantage of the narrow halls and close combat opportunities.  The other, Radiant Cliffs is on Mercury.  This map feels the most balanced of the two as each spawn area has plenty of cover and flanking positions before opening up to a circular arena in the middle.

For more on Destiny 2 keep your eyes peeled to WorldGaming.

About The Author: Steve Vegvari

Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades.

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