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How to be a better teammate in CSGO

21 Aug , 2017  

Written by Jon Scarr
CS:GO Beginners Guide
If you are playing CS:GO for yourself and by yourself, then you are approaching this game all wrong. CS:GO is designed to be a team game where all five players work together to win the match. In high-level play, individual skill doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t know how to play with a team. Learn How to be a better teammate in CSGO.

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Let’s take a look at how you can approach a pick up game and utilize your teammates to the best of your and their ability.


Believe it or not, baiting your teammates is an actual technique that if done correctly can give you a big advantage over your enemies. There are times where baiting is appropriate and times when it’s not. You should always be vocal if you’re going to bait your teammates and only bait if you’re 100% sure that your plan is going to work.
You should repeat the favour by offering to be baited once in a while. The question of when and when not to bait is completely situational. Examples of when you should bait include playing a position that is normally played by one player.
Let your teammate peek while you stay hidden. Once your teammates dies, the enemy won’t expect you to be in the same spot.
There are many good ways to bait or be baited, as long as you communicate properly and make sure you’re confident. A bad bait is anything that puts your teammates lives at risk without any compromise. Anytime you bait for the sake of getting a couple of kills for yourself or to save your stats is bad.
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How to be a better teammate in CSGO3


Staying in constant communication with your team is what keeps everyone together in high-pressure situations and prevents players from making critical mistakes. Regardless of your rank, it’s imperative to verbally communicate via your microphone. Make sure that your mic button is easily accessible and easy to press without putting you at a disadvantage while using it.
By communicating with your teammates, it will give them the information that they need throughout the round to make good choices for your team. Likewise, you should make smart and accurate calls of everything that you see that can be of use in order to gain a tactical advantage over your opponents.

Part of communicating is knowing what is and isn’t appropriate to say during high-pressure rounds. If you find yourself getting frustrated while playing, do not complain and make excuses to your teammates. Just make the call immediately after you die and then if you feel the need to complain, do so off the mic.
How to be a better teammate in CSGO1
It is also important to know at what intensity level to make calls. If it’s a high-focus situation, important calls should be made so that they get the attention of your teammates. Learn when its appropriate to raise your voice and when it’s not.
Calling accurately is something that every player in CS:GO should know how to do. You should always call out everything that can give you an edge in that particular round. When calling the position of an enemy you are looking for two things: the location, and the numbers.
If one of these pieces of information is unavailable to call out, try to make an assumption or prediction. Be sure to add “I think” or “they might” in your call, so that your teammates are aware. Never make a call out with 100% certainty if you are missing key information, you don’t want to get your team to a location only to be taken out by a lurker on the other side of the map.

Utilizing your teammates

Being a good team player means to know how to utilize your teammates in order to gain an advantage over your enemies. This is where your communication skills come into play by working with your team to ensure you win the round.
The best place to start utilizing your teammates is to learn how to trade. Though trading frags is a hard concept to grasp in pick up games. Trading frags is absolutely crucial in a game like CS:GO because having a one-man advantage can be the difference between winning the round or losing it.

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As you are playing, you should always think about trading the kill should your teammate go down. To lessen the chances of being caught out alone or with your knife out, buddy up and stick with your partner. The best way to ensure you can make a trade is to talk to your teammate and make sure they will tell you if or when they are planning to push or make an aggressive peek.
How to be a better teammate in CSGO2
If your teammate is planning on pushing out, you’ll want to stay reasonably close to them and make sure you’ll be able to take the engagement at the same time. You should never let your teammate go in by themselves.
If you want to go one step further, you can watch a lot of professional matches. Pay close attention to how they use each other in order to gain an advantage in every fight. Then try to recreate those techniques in your own game and have fun with it.

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