Hearthstone Expansion Guide – Rastakhan’s Rumble

18 Jan , 2019  

On December 4th 2018 Hearthstone introduced a new expansion into play called Rastakhan’s Rumble. It is the game’s 10th expansion and features 135 new cards for players to collect and master. Also introduced with the expansion will be a new playable character for the Shaman hero – King Rastakhan.

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The expansion is largely based around Troll minions. These already exist in Hearthstone but are not labelled in the same way Beasts, Demons or other minions are. This will continue to be the case with the upcoming expansion and in fact, some of these troll cards also act as Pirates, Elementals, Beasts or Murlocs. This means they can synergize particularly well with those kinds of decks.

Inside this expansion each class has been given a Troll Champion alongside a Spirit and a Loa. The purpose of providing each class with these cards was to develop two distinct and unique play styles a player could effectively execute with any hero. The troll champion offering one path and play style while combining the Spirit and Loa illuminates another.

The Spirit card’s are low cost minions – less than four mana – and all have Stealth for 1 turn as well as an additional effect. Stealth nearly guarantees a player can use this effect and it works well with the Loa. The Loa are powerful late game cards which can be effectively used to close out a match. If combined properly with the Spirit card these can be extremely powerful. The Troll Champions are also strong late game cards, but unlike the Spirit cards, they usually work in a very different way than the Loa, thus forcing players to choose one of the two.

This is a first for Hearthstone as we have never seen multiple cards introduced at the same time that so clearly offer different viable deck archetypes for the game’s many heroes. At least initially, this looks like it could be the most diverse and intriguing meta shift from any Hearthstone expansion to date.


Like with any expansion though some things immediately stand out. While there are still details needed on a few remaining cards the majority have been released. This allows us to look ahead and see what heros and decks will be most affected.

The clearest winners so far are the Hunter, Mage and Priest. Hunter has been given several strong cards already such as SpringPaw, Revenge of the Wild and Master’s Call which all synergize incredibly well with the Beast Hunter archetype. Meanwhile Baited Arrow looks like an excellent fit for Spell Hunter.

Mage was played during the first card reveal so this class is very well understood. The new Hero Power Mage looks like it can be very powerful and versatile, while the typical Control Mage has also been given new flavor with the addition of cards such as Arcanosaur and Blast Wave.

Priest’s have been given tremendous versatility in this expansion with Zombie, Aggro, Control and Dragon deck variants all appearing viable at the start of this expansion.  Zombie and Aggro deck variants are new and rely heavily on cards from this expansion such as Sand Drudge and Surrender to Madness. Meanwhile Control and Dragon priest are traditional popular variants that have been significantly augmented by cards like Regenerate, Seange and Crowd Roaster.

Druid on the other hand is easily the least exciting hero in this expansion. The Hero Power Druid variant doesn’t have any clear path to success as of yet – although the release of the Druid Loa could help us identify a way forward for this deck. Beast Druid looks like it will again be viable but none of the new cards released cause that deck to change in any significant way. After a long period of dominance it might finally be time for Druid to shift away from being one of the most dominant heroes.

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With new cards still being released regularly between now and December 4th we won’t be 100% certain what the new expansion will hold until we can log in for ourselves. Ensure you log in to claim your free packs and let us know what you think will be the strongest deck in the upcoming rumble.  



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