Hallow’s End – The Perfect Hearthstone Beginner Event

6 Nov , 2018  

Hearthstone is bringing back a fan favorite event this year with Hallow’s End running from October 17th to October 31st. If you have friends who haven’t played Hearthstone this is the perfect time to introduce them to the game as a plethora of new early levels were added for novice players to quickly build up a collection. Veteran players can also greatly benefit signing in over the next few weeks making it the perfect time to teach a friend how to play.

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For players who are completely new to the game, 25 new introductory levels have been added spanning from 50-26. Exactly like in levels 25-20 that older players are accustomed to, losing a match in these levels will not cause you to lose any stars. Furthermore players earn three classic packs for free at ranks 45, 40, 35 and 30 and upon reaching rank 25 are given two more classic packs and two packs from each of the four latest Hearthstone expansions.

This means that new players can get a total of 22 free packs just by playing enough to reach level 25 – what used to be the lowest level in the game. For players who finish a season without reaching rank 25, all levels thereafter are given the same end of season rewards.

Anybody who logs into Hearthstone during this period, new and old players alike, will receive a golden copy Witch’s Cauldron. As an Ultra Rare card this can be disenchanted for massive amounts of dust to help you craft a few key cards for your latest deck, or you can make use of it if you didn’t have two copies before logging in.

The Welcome Bundle has also been refreshed and this means that even if you purchased a Welcome Bundle in the past you can pick up the new one. It contains 10 classic card packs and is guaranteed to give you one of the game’s six legendary dragons. With all 6 of those cards being so powerful yet expensive to craft this bundle looks like a great pick up for even the most veteran players who are looking to complete their collections.

Five new daily quests were incorporated into the game however they are all turn or play a card based and only reward between 50-60 gold upon completion. As far as event quests go, these are on the cheaper side of things and are worth trading out in favor of regular quests that have higher payouts and shorter completion times whenever possible.

As usual all players who win five games this season will be given the limited card back and also be qualified to receive the special 2018 Blizzard Events cardback when it is eventually released. For fans of the paladin class a new playable hero is also being released as a part of a special deal.

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With so much new content it’s the perfect time to get into Hearthstone for the first time, or introduce that friend of yours that just won’t play it. For full details on the event check out the official Hallow’s End  page.  


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