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GT Sport Guide to upgrading your Sportsmanship Rating

19 Jan , 2018  

Written by: Jon Scarr
Being a racing game, everybody wants to win. It’s in their nature, and it’s the whole point of racing. Even if we can’t win, we want to finish as high up as possible. However, when it comes to GT Sport’s Sport mode, you need to play the long game. And, at least to begin with, stop prioritizing results over racing clean. Read out GT Sport Guide to upgrading your Sportsmanship Rating.

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Advice for the start of your sports mode career

You might be wondering what the point of racing in sports mode is if you are not going to try and win. This is mainly advice for the start of your sports mode career. Once you have had enough clean races and accumulated enough sportsmanship points to go up to a “B” or “A” ranking, you will get matched with other people at the same rating.
Here you will encounter a higher quality of racing and then you can start to focus more on your finishing position. Of course you will still encounter a few bad eggs as they work their way back down the rating scale. Without further delay, here are tips to help you improve your Sportsmanship rating in GT Sport.


Tip 1: Slow and steady through turn one

Much like racing in real life, if you want to launch your career in motor sport, you are going to have to start at the bottom. This means that you will encounter a variety of different people. Some are not too good at racing and others will show little to no regard for competitors.
Now that you are prepared for the various different type of competitors that you will face, you will want to avoid being sucked into racing dirty. You do get Sportsmanship points for being fast, overtaking cleaning, and finishing high up the standings. However, you also get points for simply racing clean, getting through the sectors and laps without running off the track, and avoiding contact with other racers.
This is what you need to focus on from the beginning. The start of a race is always the most dangerous part, so it always helps to predict what is going to happen. People are going to try and dive bomb into turn one, so do not be on the inside up against the apex. The outside of the track is the safest, though you will need to avoid all the cars smashing into each other and running off the track. Slow and steady through turn one, is the key.


Tip 2: Don’t get caught in battle with other cars

As I mentioned earlier, it’s instinctive to push hard and fight for the best position you can. This is where it is easy to get caught in a battle with people who will happily run you off the road or crash into you deliberately. Again, back off if you have to and sit one to two seconds behind. There is a good chance they will crash out at some point anyways.
This is the best advice I can give, as the game doesn’t really determine who was and who was not at fault.


Tip 3: Keep calm and stay focused

Don’t worry about getting SR down arrows during the race. Many people get angry because they feel that they unfairly were given this as it wasn’t their fault. Just, ignore it. You are going to get down arrows, everyone will get down arrows whether you deserve them or not.
If you get more up arrows during your race than down arrows, you are going to be making progress. So, don’t worry and focus on clean problem-free racing and the SR will look after itself. You’re better off trying to have a clean place at the back of the pack, rather than a messy crash ridden win.

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Track knowledge and understanding how cars handle is a key part to clean racing. Though GT Sport doesn’t have a career mode, there are many license tests and lap challenges, which break down the individual sectors. Spend sometime doing these until you become comfortable with a variety of cars and tracks.

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