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Gran Turismo Sport Tips for faster lap times

12 Jan , 2018  

Written by Paul Hunter

There are a lot of important factors to consider when racing in Gran Turismo Sport, but none more important than your lap times. Even a precious few seconds can mean the difference between winning or losing a race. But saying “improve your lap times” is pretty nebulous—so how do you actually go about doing it? Check out these Gran Turismo Sport Tips for faster lap times.
In this article I’ll be providing you with some beginner/intermediate tips and tricks on how to improve your lap times. Incorporate these suggestions into your daily GT Sport racing and I promise you’ll see improvements over time. Racing, like any other gaming genre, requires dedication and persistence to get better and succeed at the highest level. So let’s pull up to the starting grid and discuss how to improve your lap times!

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Turn off driving aids

GT Sport features a robust number of drivers assistances turned on by default. While these aids help you stay in control, they also act like a crutch that supports sloppy driving. In order to truly get a handle on racing in GT Sport I strongly suggest turning assists off.
That means turning off Countersteering Assist, Active Stability Assist, Traction Control, and Driving Line Assist. Will this making driving way harder? Absolutely yes. But learning to rely on your own skills vs. car assists will make you a better driver in the long run. Just like in real car racing remember this is a marathon and not a sprint.
It’s important to know too that most racing eSports competitions mandate that you turn off assists. Competitions are based on pure skill, which means understanding how fast to push cars on straightaways and around corners. It might be painful in the short-term to toggle off assists, but ultimately you’re doing yourself a huge favour.


Practice driving lines

In the early going as you’re familiarizing yourself with all the tracks it’s helpful to toggle on driving markers. They’re essentially green inverted triangles that indicate where you need to be at all times in each track. These markers show the optimal route around track for the fastest speeds and shortest lap times. They are literally how you’re supposed to race the track.
Here’s the important part too: follow the driving marks to a tee. Everyone knows you’re supposed to drive the optimal line but few actually adhere to it at all times. The marks show you exactly where your car should be in order to round corners at the highest speed. Even if you’re a couple feet away from the marker it’ll increase your chances of oversteering and spinning out. So stick to the racing line!

Get a racing wheel

Racing in GT Sport using a standard game controller is fine: you’re able to get a good amount of control over your cars. However, if you want to take your driving to the next level a racing wheel is a must. Racing wheels will help you make smoother turns and have precision control at all times. Wheels feel natural to hold and provide more feedback to feel racing curves and bumps on the road. Feeling the weight and rumble of your car is valuable feedback when it comes to adjusting speed or gears.

You don’t need a pricey racing wheel either. Usually higher end models have better quality parts and provided additional feedback for those who really want to be in tune with their cars. Switching from a controller to a wheel isn’t easy—it’ll feel clumsy at first. Stick with it though and soon enough you’ll be driving with more consistency and control.


Increase the CPU difficulty 

I know the temptation is there: set the CPU difficulty so you beat challenges easily and rack up credits. And yeah it’s makes single-player racing easier but you’re doing yourself a disservice. I suggest instead to increase the difficulty as soon as you start landing those first place podiums positions. The reason being, as I said earlier, is you want to always be pushing yourself. Never get too comfortable when playing GT Sport.
Once you crank up the difficulty if you find it too challenging just remember—this is a good thing! It means you’re not racing fast enough and need to improve your lap times. I can guarantee when you go online your competition will be racing at least as well as the CPU hard or all pro difficulty setting. So if you can beat the CPU when it’s pushed to its limits you’ll be primed and ready to take on other players.

Be a good sport

One aspect about GT Sports that differs from most racing games is the need to treat driving like the sport it is. That means being a good driver, it’s racing with a conscious. If you race recklessly, such as hitting cars, driving off-road, or hitting barriers you’ll get penalized. By penalized I mean time penalties that could make the difference between winning and losing. GT Sport, as the game’s name implies, is all about sportsmanship.


Well, that wraps my tips and tricks on improving your lap times in GT Sport. If you practice all these tips I promise you’ll get better over time. Your lap times will get better and your rank and rewards will improve. As you get more comfortable racing you’ll feel better too.
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