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Gran Turismo Sport Tips and Tricks

8 Dec , 2017  

Written by: Jon Scarr

Racing fans, the wait is over. After what seems like a  long four years, Gran Turismo Sport has finally arrived on the PlayStation 4. The franchise has been known for being one of the most realistic racing simulation games and now casual and hardcore PlayStation 4 owners can now get behind the wheel of some of the fastest cars in the world. Check out these Gran Turismo Sport Tips and Tricks.

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With many new game modes, including the new competitive online Sport Mode, I’ve been eagerly awaiting to get my hands on the game.

Unlock cars with Prize Credits

In order to buy new cars in Gran Turismo sport, you are going to need Prize Credits. These are earned by playing the game, and it goes without saying, the more you pay the more you earn. Additionally, the game offers distance challenges with daily targets such completing a 42km Driving Marathon.

In order to unlock new tracks in arcade mode and increase your driver level, you need to earn experience points. Again, these come by playing the game and competing in races. Moreover, you earn Mile Points for every vehicle you use. These can be used to buy accessories for your vehicle and more, including customized helmets, decals, and unique wheels.

Overall, I found this method of upgrading and unlocking tracks to be fair. It allows you to level up and earn points based on your performance and race type. Based on the amount of time you spend playing and distance you drive while racing, you hit daily mileage targets, gain experience points and earn individual vehicle mileage points.

Get ready for the race with a plethora of pre-race options

Gran Turismo Sport gives you a lot of options that you can change or adjust before the race. One of my favourites and most beneficial are the Driving Options. These options allow you to change your car’s equipment and features as you see fit depending on a number of factors such as the terrain you will be racing on.

Furthermore, you can look at your event’s overview and see what the event goals, challenges and disqualifications are. You can even go straight to Select Event and choose to replay a previous event or compete in a new event for that challenge.

The Leaderboard allows you to compare your stats and times against other players, and is a good way to gauge how you stack up against others in the Gran Turismo Sport online community. Perhaps the most beneficial and useful pre-race tool are the Official YouTube Tutorial Videos.

Made by the development team, these videos walk you through completing challenges and give you tips on the most efficient ways to perform driving maneuvers in other modes such as Time Trials, Campaign and driving school. By watching these videos, I found that they gave me better chances at earning the maximum number of points and it made unlocking the Gold trophy easier.

Peruse available cars to buy at Brand Central marketplace

You’ll buy new vehicles with your Prize Credits at the marketplace known as Brand Central. Here you can peruse the available cars by various manufacture models and countries. Unlike previous games in the series which gave you conformations before purchasing vehicles, Gran Turismo Sport does not.

If you are not careful, its easy to end up with a vehicle in your garage just like that. Every vehicle manufacturer in Gran Turismo Sport has their own Channel and Museum in their Brand’s menu, so you’re likely to find at least one area or aspect of the game that you can enjoy.

The game’s Brand Channels offer behind-the-scenes videos and footage from that manufacturer, and the Museum Channels give you history and tradition behind certain popular models. Surprisingly, and a little bit of a let down, vintage vehicles are totally missing from Gran Turismo Sport. My dreams of driving classics such as the ’65 Mustang or the ’68 Charger are nothing but that.

Customize your cars appearance with Liveries

Liveries allow you to fully customize your car’s appearance. Here you can add logos, numbers, colours, and decals to your car. You can even customize your helmet and racing suits too! For those that are truly creative, you can visit to upload your own custom decals. At the time of this review, the feature was not live on the website but is promised to be coming.

On the other hand, if you want some ideas on creatively using your Liveries, you can head over to Gran Turismo Sport’s community shared content area of the My Menu screen.

Create your own custom photo-shoot with Scapes 

Scapes is Gran Turismo Sport’s version of a photo mode. Here you can take your vehicle through cool landscapes and different scenery in order to capture custom pictures and images that you can share with the community. Capturing screenshots and videos have become increasingly popular and Gran Turismo Sport takes it to another level.

Scapes goes that extra mile and allows you to set up your own photo-shoot complete with your choice of scenery, background and vehicle. Moreover, you customize where the car is placed in the scene in addition to changing many other functions of the vehicle to your liking. The camera also has option and settings like exposure and contrast.


Campaign mode has been overhauled and the Driving School adjusts according to your skill level. Regardless if you are new to the series or a long time fan, I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with not only the look of the cars but also how they handle.  It shows you various control schemes, which can always be changed.

The Driving School will also earn you some of those sought after points, and once you have completed your first eight lessons, you will be gifted another car. Mission Challenges are pretty standard affair in the Gran Turismo series. There are a lot of missions, and it starts out slow in terms of difficulty. Completing these will earn you experience, points, and unlock cars.

The Circuit Experience is fairly new to Gran Turismo Sport. Your goal is to master specific racetracks by completing tracks in sections. Eventually, you’ll race through the entire track at one time in an attempt to “master” that track.

I really enjoyed the Circuit Experience and found it both fun and challenging. By playing this mode you really get a feel for the tracks and once you have mastered these tracks, it goes along way to your success in the game.

Play quick races and events in Arcade Mode

Arcade mode is what you think it would be. It’s where you can play quick races, events, or even time trials. Or, you can just play a single race and try to best your best in Time Trial or Drift Trial. You can even create your own custom races. Race difficulty is based upon several factors that include terrain, number of competitors, and distance. Naturally, the more difficult the race, the greater the reward.

The GT Sport VR Tour could have been one of the coolest things in Gran Turismo Sport. Unfortunately, it’s a let down. You have two things you can do in VR, one is a virtual showroom that allows you to move around the car and turn on the headlights. That’s right, there is no opening doors, or popping the hood to look at the engine.

The second thing you can do in VR is compete in a VR Race. While it sounds cool, the reality of it is that you can only race for two laps around any of the tracks in the game one on one versus an AI. The sense of real presence is amazing, though I instantly noticed that the scenery is a fuzz of aliased lines.

Get competitive with the new online Sport Mode

Sport mode, Gran Turismo Sport’s online racing simulation game mode, is where I had most of my fun with the game. I found it interesting that before you could race online, there was a Racing Etiquette videos on Sportsmanship that you had to watch.

As a bonus for watching, no you can’t skip them in order for it to count, you are gifted a car by the game and access to race online. In Sport mode you have a Driver Rating, which tells others how fast you are, and a Sportsmanship Rating. If you drive recklessly, your Sportsmanship Rating will take a nose dive. However, driving normally will increase your rating.

Daily races are part of Sport Mode, and are a great way to boost your ratings. You are matched against other drivers with a similar skill level to keep things on a level playing field. Races happen at specific scheduled times, and your starting placement is determined by running qualifying laps—it all feels pleasingly structured. These daily races have a major effect on your Driver and Sportsmanship ratings, so be careful.

Last, Sport mode also offers various Championships that are essentially multi-round competitions with the best of the best in GT Sport online.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to take your game to the next level in Gran Turismo Sport:

  • Don’t be afraid to watch your competitors as they make their way around the track. Pay attention to their braking points and where they turn into each corner. You never know what you might learn, simply by watching those ahead of you. Even if it’s how not to drive.
  • The fastest way to earn credits in the game is by participating in The Circuit Experience. Getting a Gold ranking for each section of the track will get you somewhere in the ballpark of 40,000 credits. Racing the full lap will earn you even more credits.
  • While there are many cars for you to choose from in Gran Turismo Sport, there is one car that rises above all the others, with 2500+ HP and a bone shattering top speed: the SRT Tomahawk VGT, which goes up to 611 km/h.

Final thoughts

At first glance, it looks as if Gran Turismo Sport pales in comparison to its predecessors. The game comes with 180 cars, which is about 10% of the total cars that Gran Turismo 6 had, and 17 courses with 40 layouts. However, what is included is hugely enjoyable.

Sport Mode is full of potential, and if it catches on could attract a dedicated fanbase and transform Gran Turismo into a legitimate eSport. It is without a doubt, Gran Turismo Sport delivers in terms of pure simulation racing gameplay and overall experience.

Platform: PlayStation 4

Developer: Polyphony Digital

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Genre: Racing

ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)

Final score: 80/100


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About the Author: Jon Scarr

Based in Toronto, Jon is a proud Canadian who loves all things gaming. He is a veteran of the video game and tech industry who has been in love with technology and gaming for over 20 years. Come say hi and join the conversation with Jon on Twitter.
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