Getting Started at WorldGaming

Welcome to WorldGaming, the home of competitive cash eSports.

When you join WorldGaming you’ll be able to enter daily leaderboards, issue head-to-head challenges for fun or cash, join our daily, weekly and epic bracket competitions.


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Login Now and Get Paid to Play


Here’s how to sign up for a WorldGaming account

  • First go to, then click register on the top right corner of your screen.
  • Enter your information and create a unique password.
  • Then click sign up!


Verify Your Account

  • Log into your email account where you will find a verification email from us.
  • Click on verify your account now, and you’ll be taken to our verification page.
  • Enter your password and phone number. Then click send code.
  • We will text you a code to enter to on our verification page.
  • Enter the code and click confirm account.

Now you’re signed up for your WorldGaming Account. Take some time to check out our tournaments, games, and news.


Got questions?

Connect with our support team on Twitter @WG_Support or check out our forums!