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WGN GAME THEORY: Understanding PUBG’s Miramar Map

1 Jun , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

So, you know the Erangel map in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds inside and out.  You have memorized each corner of the map and have mastered the technique of looting Mylta Power and living to tell about it.  Things may have begun to get a little old.


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If you have been playing the Battle Royale game on PC, I am sure you are familiar with PUBG’s second map; Miramar.  If you have been playing PUBG on Xbox One, then you might be anticipating the release of the new map in May.  A lot will change when you leave the forest setting for Miramar’s dessert-focused map.  Whether you have 20 “Chicken Dinners” under your belt or none, you will want to keep a few important things in mind when taking the leap out of the plane, into Miramar.

Learn Your Surroundings

As you begin to descend towards the ground, you will immediately recognize that Miramar is structured very differently from Erangel.  Miramar has many large compound areas. You have to go into each major town or landmark with a similar mentality as you would in Erangel.


Miramar is an 8×8 map, similar to Erangel.

Same rules apply as before.  The biggest the neighbourhood, the more foot traffic you will find.  It’s the classic risk/reward system PUBG has in place.  Players daring to land in Los Leones will undoubtedly come across other hungry players.  If you are skilled and fast enough, you may be able to reap the rewards and walk away.

Other hotspot locations include the northern Campo Militar.  The large military base houses the best weapon selection.  However, this comes at a disadvantage.  Since the large base is built at the top of the map, remaining in the blue circle may take some time management.  San Marcos is the ideal starting location for newcomers.  Being dead-smack in the middle of Miramar, you will have a chance to walk away with a healthy munition selection, plus have every opportunity to move around the map to adjust to the blue circle closing in.

Getting Around

Venturing into the city environment is one thing, making it to another location is whole other story.  Instead of dense patches of forestry breaking up the major areas, Miramar is pretty bare.  Long stretches of open dessert come between you and your next looting destination.  You will be wise to utilize any forms of cover you come across.  From little divots in the land, to piles of hay or seldom tree you may come across.  These are life savers in some hairy situations.


Miramar also introduces new vehicles to take advantage of.  On Miramar, you will find large camper vans, pick-up trucks and a jet-ski for water traversal.  Once of the major complaints for PUBG players on PC was the lack of vehicle spawns on the map.  Since the launch, a patch has been put into place that should translate over to Xbox as well.

If you are finding it difficult keeping out of a sniper’s field of vision in the dessert, you may want to seek out a vehicle.  One major disadvantage of the aforementioned camper van, is the van’s ability to handle the terrain.  The camper is one big bump away from flipping over and causing major damage to you and your team.  You may be better off in the pick-up truck, which is more versatile for the map.

Using The Land To Your Advantage

This section speaks more to the players not afraid to get their hands dirty.  As I’ve mentioned; Miramar’s cover is sparse.  Which works to your benefit as long as you are not one to shy away from a gun fight.  Many of the towns have ample spots for you to take to the roof and bunker down.  From there you would be wise to use the open plains to scout out players making their move.  Using a long-range rifle, you can begin to apply pressure to opponents.

This is your time to strike.  However, you must be aware.  Most players will already be on alert due to venturing in a vulnerable area.  Keep your sights on each direction.  As you may have your sights on a struggling survivor, there may be someone scouting out rooftops for snipers.

Miramar offers a chance to shake things up in PUBG.  Keeping the same core formula, but at a rate that has players altering their playstyle slightly.  Keep these things in mind the next time you jump into a match on PC, or keep this handy when the map launches on Xbox One in May.

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About The Author: Steve Vegvari

Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades.

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