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GAME THEORY: Roster Changes For Smash On Switch

12 Apr , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

During the end of Nintendo’s latest Direct, Nintendo revealed a trailer for Super Smash Bros. on the Switch.  The internet collectively exploded with anticipation.  Later, it was announced that Masahiro Sakurai had been working on the new title since the last piece of DLC was released for Smash 4.

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Having Sakurai back for a Super Smash Bros. title brings the possibility that this will be more than a simple port.  While Nintendo may not rework the inner mechanics, the roster will likely be given a overhaul.  One of the most exciting aspects leading to a Smash release is figuring out the character roster.  We are likely going to see many faces from Nintendo Switch titles, evident from the trailer alone.  But there is room for speculation on additional characters.



Featured prominently in the Super Smash Bros. reveal trailer.  The Inklings have a ton of potential they could bring to the game.  With their relatively small stature, we could see them come with a moveset similar to Fox.

The Inkling’s have a wide array of weapons in Splatoon that Smash could utilize.  The Splattershot weapon could dole out chip damage, while a potential dash could incorporate the Splatbrush.

Breath of The Wild Link


While only given a second of screen time, Link’s Breath of the Wild variant was hidden in silhouette during the reveal trailer.  I imagine that with a new Link brought to the game, we might see a roster swap with Adult Link.  Breath of The Wild Link could act as a semi-clone.

Keeping the core moveset of Link, while adding some of the new weaponry from the latest game.The most notable would be Link’s clawshot.  The fact Link never had the weapon in Breath of The Wild might make one think the game may see Link adopt a standard close-range grab.  Remote Bombs are a given, as are a Guardian set of sword and bow in exchange for the iconic Hero of Time set.

Spring Man

Spring Man

Spring Man is the first in this list not shown whatsoever in the trailer.  Based purely on speculation, he seems like a good fit for Smash.  After being one of the first major titles on the Switch, ARMS began to build a community.

ARMS had its fair share of grassroots competitive competitions, and is build on fighting mechanics.  This would translate very well into the upcoming game.  Spring Man could potentially see a moveset similar to Little Mac with some tweaks.  ARMS characters are known for their distance fighting, and punch-combos could determine which “arms” are used during specials.  A distance grab/grapple could be incorporated.  Spring Man would likely be a heavier-set character which would help balance out the long-range moveset.

Mario with Cappy


Mario with Cappy is a possibility, but more likely just a clone of the standard Mario.  Given that Nintendo may want to utilize as many Switch character as they can, Cappy might make an appearance.  Cappy could be thrown to knock back opponents.  Players could then dive onto Cappy applying pressure to their opponents and give Mario a recovery option.  Mario has already seen a similar style in Brawl with the F.L.U.D.D, making Cappy a modernized replacement.

Honourable Mentions

Ice Climbers


It was a devastating revelation to fans of Smash when it was revealed the Ice Climber duo would be omitted from the Smash 4.  Sakurai explained that due to hardware limitations on the 3DS prevented them from making an appearance.

The new Smash does not have to be held back which could see the beloved duo making their return.

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight

Nintendo has been forming a tight relationship with indie-studio Yacht Club Games.  When releasing the critically adored Shovel Knight to the Switch, Nintendo also released a Amiibo figure for the character.

Shovel Knight is a heavy character, but packs a punch with his iconic shovel.  His downward shovel attack from the game could show great promise in Smash.  Shovel Knight also has a fishing rod of which could be used for grabs.


Smash 4 had the biggest roster of characters to date.  With a new Smash just around the corner, there is ample opportunity for Nintendo to drop some of the clone characters.  Nintendo clearly has no shortage of new faces and possibilities to bring.  These are only a few that have potential to show up and mix things up for the eSports scene.  Nintendo always has fun with the roster changes and may even drop a few surprise characters that no one anticipates.

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About The Author: Steve Vegvari

Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades.

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