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Fortnite – Pro Tips with Eren “Caboose” Kose

14 Jan , 2019  

By:Matthew Rondina
WGN was able to catch up with variety streamer and content creator Eren “Caboose” Kose for his thoughts on Fortnite growing as an esport. He has logged his fair share of Victory Royales and he’s here to share some pro tips to help improve your game.

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1.What would you describe as the key fundamentals to achieving a Victory Royale?
This all depends on what style of player you are. As a passive player you want to land on the outskirts of the map, loot up and stock up on materials. This way you are prepared for the final circles where things get pretty heavy.
However, as an aggressive player you need to learn to pick your battles wisely. Don’t just rush in for the sake of getting that extra kill. Paying attention to the route the bus takes from the beginning of the match is super key and that can help give you an understanding of what the common player rotation will be in the mid-game. Knowing those rotations can help you from getting pinched between two teams.
2.What are some bad habits that advanced players should avoid?
A major bad habit you’ll see in a lot of skilled players is getting a little greedy/hungry for an extra elimination. Never find yourself in a situation where you have the height advantage on your opponent, but opt to rush down to them to try and get the kill quicker. Sometimes that hunger can put you in a really bad position, even if you were to get the kill. Now you’ve lost the high ground and leave that positioning open for other players to potentially take hold of.
3.Any advanced tips for building? What strategies do you apply to stymie enemies on the battlefield?
On PC and now even on console, you can completely remap your controller/key binds to your liking. Mess around with this for a bit and use game modes like 50v50 or Playground to practice and see what works best for you. Find combinations that can get you your walls and ramps out the quickest, then you can focus on your other building options like pyramids and floors. I usually like to mess around in Playground for about an hour before I jump into the main modes to help warm me up to building quickly and effectively.
4.What are your favourite places to loot?
I like to play more on the aggressive side, so I usually land Tilted Towers. Plenty of quick eliminations to pick off and tons of chests to loot from and get yourself shielded up and ready to go. Me and my Fortnite squad used to have a saying that if you win Tilted, you win the game. Granted that may not entirely be the truth anymore, it’s still a huge upper hand to conquer a hot drop like that.
5.What are some game changers that you have discovered in Season 6?
The biggest game changer is the floating island that is currently rotating around the map. The vortex is a major hot drop and especially when it parks itself near a popular POI (point of interest) you can find yourself walking away with A LOT of eliminations, and an immediate rotation utilizing the tornado to glide off to your next location.
6. What are your thoughts on the Fortnite pro scene? What has been your favourite part of Fall Skirmish so far?
I feel the pro scene still needs some fine tuning. I like the state that it’s in, and you really get an appreciation for how competitive the game can be. There’s still some factors in play that need to be worked on to help make every match feel as unique as it does when you’re normally playing.
Right now, every match from the summer skirmish to date has gone down in a very similar fashion. There are about 50 players left in the final circles which creates a massive scramble for materials, ammo and healing items. Because of this, it’s hard to get a glimpse at all the action. Granted we’ve gotten some amazing clips from the Fall and Summer skirmish, but something needs to change to help players feel more inclined to rush an opponent and try to win a 1v1, instead of just boxing up and camping out until the next circle.
I’m sure Epic Games is working on improving the pro scene as each day goes by and the amount of support they are putting into it is really awesome.
A special thanks to Caboose for taking the time to chat about all things Fortnite. Be sure to give him a follow on twitter, instagram and on YouTube.
Let us know your keys to Victory Royale in the comments below, game on!


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