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Fortnite: Battle Royale Tips And Tricks

7 Nov , 2017  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

On September 26th, Epic Games released the Free to Play Battle Royale update for Fortnite.

Widely regarded as console players’ answer to the awaited PUBG.  Since release, the game has built quite the following.  Furthermore, there are a lot of tactics and strategy that go into each match. Check out these Fortnite: Battle Royale Tips And Tricks.
Here are some Tips and Tricks for Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Getting A Lay Of The Land

Your first handful of matches should be focusing on getting to know the map.  Through trial and error figure out all the hotspots and potential chest locations.  By building an acute knowledge of each territory you can begin to build your endgame strategy.
Loot Lake is a fantastic location to focus on. However, it is wise to not raid the island until you have enough fighting experience.  Loot Lake is notorious for having the biggest initial firefight.  Reason being is all in the name – the loot.  There is a high percent chance that a maximum of four chests will be available.  Without enough familiarity you can hit at least two chests and gain quite the advantage.  To this same point, many players also have the same idea. Be prepare to fight, scrounge for resources, and have an exit strategy.
Switching your starting point is a great way to learn all the great hideouts and small nooks that players often seek out.  Once you feel confident enough you can toy around with the strategy of hitting enough rural houses and towers rather than continuously running into the killbox towns.  Do youself a favour – avoid Misty Mire.

Dealing With RNG

Just like in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite has a lot built into its RNG.  From where loot will be, to loot chests and especially where the storm’s circle will shrink to.  Knowing how to make split second decisions while 99 other players do the same is a huge feat.  One that is realistic thought.
As you land on the map you’re first offerings of supplies are a dice roll. Every loot location will be different than the last.  The locations will not change, but what you obtain will.  Work with what you are given.  As time progresses you may find yourself in a spot when taking down an opposing player will net you some great loot – let your enemies find items for you.
If by chance you start hearing the chime from a loot chest, be sure to grab it.  This is the quickest way to getting some great items.  You will not always be lucky enough to find one. Take advantage when you do.
The trickiest part of Fortnite is knowing where the circle will shrink.  Some players love being in the action and will always be motivated to venture to the middle.  If you want a more strategic play, stick to the wall of the circle during the cooldown interstitials.  You’ll be in a good place where players won’t be sneaking up behind you. This allows you to focus on what is in front you and allow you some time to form your next move.  Be sure not to lose track of time as the storm will quickly leave you at the wayside once it starts moving again.

Stocking Up

A good rule of thumb when it comes to weapons and inventory is to take everything. Especially when you are still a novice.  You’ll want to experiment with every single weapon type.  Until you get to a point in the game where you have to consider trading a Rare Assault Rifle for an Epic Sniper, take it all.
Along the way you’ll often come across Bandages, Med-kits, and Shield Potions.  Always keep an open slot for at least two of the three.  You may end up wanting to consume the Shield Potions right away to clear space for Bandages and Kits.  In any case you are going to want to have as many of these items on hand.  Bandages are stackable up to 15 and can quickly heal you to the 75% mark. Med-kits are key for endgame preparations.

Audio Queues

Epic Games has put a lot into their sound design for Fortnite.  The audio put into the game may be one of your biggest assets.  In each match it is imperative you listen for the sound emitting from loot chests.  Following these sounds will lead you to chests containing building materials, Rare weapons, ammo or consumables.
You’ll quickly learn that these chests usually are hidden either in an attic of a house, basement or behind a destructible wall.  Don’t give up the search, just continue following the sounds until you can hone in on its location. The hunt will be well worth it.
The most impressive aspect of Fortnite’s audio is it’s ability to pinpoint footsteps and nearby gunfire.  If at any point you find yourself hearing footsteps out of beat of your own, take a moment.  Stop in place and do a quick camera pan and you’ll be able to determine where and how close it is to you.
Same goes for gunfire.  As you’re walking to your next location, take the time to be aware of gunfire in the distance.  Determine if there are any automatic weapons used, listen for explosive weaponry.  This way after the dust settles, you will be better equipped to mop up any remaining players, or be cautiously aware of their location as you wander away.

Endgame Preparations

If you’ve lived long enough to survive the first three circles you should be in a good place to start thinking about the endgame.  Take a look at your weapon selection.  Ideally you’ll want to have at least one Legendary-Mythic tiered weapon.
Assault rifle is the most versatile weapon as it has strong DPS and clip size. If you can manage to score a rocket launcher along the way you’re in a good place.  Rocket launchers are a perfect way to combat a player who has managed to build a fortress in the endgame circle.  The combination of those two weapons means you can flood them out of hiding and have a continuous line of fire.
Alternatively, you may want to find enough building material and be on the other side of that example.  Building shacks, and towers after establishing where the circle will boil down is a great way to secure a win.  In this case, try to have a mix between short ranged weapons and a sniper rifle.  This allows you to stay safe behind walls, yet deal damage to approaching players.
Hopefully these ___will help you get some wins.  Let us know in the comments your strategy when playing Fortnite.  For more Tips and Tricks be sure to keep your eyes peeled on Inside WorldGaming.

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