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Fortnite Battle Royale Map Location Guide Western half

6 Mar , 2018  

By Paul Hunter

So you’ve downloaded the updated Fortnite Battle Royale map and are wondering which locations are the best to land? With 18 labelled map areas, and another dozen or so unlabelled, deciding where to drop can seem daunting. Ultimately there really isn’t a right or wrong spot, it all depends on what your strategy is going in. In this guide I’ll go over what to expect at every major location on the western half of the island, and the kinds of strategies they’re best suited for. Stay tuned for a follow-up article where I’ll discuss locations on the other half of the island. Let’s dive right in! Check out the Fortnite Battle Royale Map Location Guide Western half.

Junk Junction

Located at the very north-west tip of the island is Junk Junction. This junkyard is full of stacked crushed cars, one large central building, and a big crane. I typically tend to only find 2-3 chests here, but it’s a very quiet spot to land and there is a ton of metal to collect. So, you might not get a great loadout but you will be stacked with 100s of metal resources useful for the end game. Keep in mind that since it’s near the island edge you’ll very likely need to run far to reach the first circle.

Haunted Hills

To be honest, Haunted Hills is a fun to see once, but it’s hardly a viable place to drop. It’s a cemetery and mausoleum that looks cool but offers very little in the way of weapons or chests. On the plus side all the stone buildings and tombstones can load you up with stone resources. However, I recommend landing north at Junk Junction first, then quickly looting Haunted Hills on your way south.

Pleasant Park

This is where the action begins to heat up. Located just east of Haunted Hills, this large residential area contains lots of houses you can loot quickly. Ideally you want to parachute onto a roof, as most chests are hidden there. Pleasant Park tends to be a popular landing destination so make sure you survey the sky as you touch down. You can expect gunfire within seconds here! I recommend surveying the city from the rooftops as you make your way from house to house.

Anarchy Acres

Moving eastward is a large farm area called Anarchy Acres. Like Pleasant Park, there are usually many chests here making it a popular drop zone. The main difference is the houses, barns, and shacks are more spread out here. That means you should have a few extra seconds to grab weapons and be ready for gunfights. A lot of the houses and barns are multi-level too, so it’s an ideal spot for gaining height advantages.

Snobby Shores

Located on the west coast of the island is Snobby Shores, a posh residential area with multiple fenced houses. Surprisingly, this is a very quiet destination given the amount of chests and weapons you can find here. Typically I tend to encounter 3-4 enemies here, yet sometimes none at all. This is a great spot to load up on weapons and supplies fast. The major drawback is its far west location—you may need ample time to run the first circle. The lesson here: loot the houses quickly and start heading east.

Tilted Towers

This newly added high residential area is extremely popular so watch out. You’ll frequently see 20-30 players (or more) drop here and the carnage is immediate. This is a spot for gutsy players who live for immediate gunfights. You’ll want to drop onto a roof (with no other opponents, ideally) and grab guns fast. I prefer staying up high for height advantage purposes, such as top floor or roofs. Note too that since buildings can be 6-8 floors high if you hear enemy footsteps it’s difficult to pinpoint what floor they’re on. Move up and down stairs cautiously and always stay on full alert. One other thing to note too: there’s a high chance the first circle will cover Tilted Towers. This means you’ll likely have several minutes to grab weapons, shoot enemies, and loot them afterwards. No matter what though approach every situation with caution.

Greasy Grove

Below Snobby Shores on the west coast lies Greasy Groove, a residential area featuring a burger joint and gas station. This used to be a very popular area but it seems like Tilted Tower is the new go-to destination. You’ll still find a few enemies drop here but it tends to be isolation gunfights instead of all-out war. There are lots of houses to loot here, and the fast food restaurants typically contains a few chests. A good place to load up on weapons fast.

Shifty Shafts

Heading on east you’ll run into Shifty Shafts, an underground mining complex filled with tunnels, trucks, and small houses. There tends to be several chests that spawn here, however you’ll want to memorize their locations as they’re spread out. Many of them are hidden behind walls you need to break, too. What’s good about this location is there are plenty of places to hide should enemies be lurking about. On the flip side though, you need to really pay attention to footsteps to know if the enemy is above or below you. Since Shifty Shafts is rather centralized on the map, you usually don’t have to travel far for the first circle, another big plus.

Flush Factory

If you want to hoard metal resources, this is the best place to go. Flush Factory, located on the bottom south-west coast, is an abandoned toilet factory filled with loot. The main central building typically has 1-2 chests, and a few more chests usually spawn in surrounding cargo containers and the truck. Inside the main building you’ll also find metal conveyor belts that can easily load you up with 500+ metal resources in just a minute or two. Being on the map’s southern tip you’ll usually need to travel far for the first circle though. If you’re looking for tons of metal, coupled with a good chance for a solid loadout, this is the place to drop.

So that covers the entire western half of Fortnite’s enormous map. Stay tuned for the second map guide where I’ll go over all the main locations on the map’s eastern half.

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