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Fortnite Battle Royale Beginner’s Guide

5 Sep , 2018  

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Written By Paul Hunter

At over 40 million players, Fortnite Battle Royale is now the world’s largest battle royale video game. What’s even more impressive? It only took the game 100 days to achieve that massive player base milestone. The game is free to play, which certainly helped grow the player base, but its massive popularity on Twitch was also a big factor. Check out our Fortnite Battle Royale Beginner’s Guide.

If you’re one of the millions of new gamers to Fortnite I’ve got a Beginner’s Guide sure to help you out. Follow these tips and you’ll feel more confident when heading onto the battlefield. I’m also preparing intermediate and advanced guides, so stay tuned for more Fortnite tips and tricks in the coming weeks!

What do I need to know pre-battle?

Fortnite Battle Royale pits 100 players against each other on a small-ish map and last person, or team, standing wins. Solo it’s you vs. 99 opponents, Duos is 50 two-person teams, and Squads is 25 teams of four. If you can, I highly recommend finding friends when playing Duos and Squads as voice communication is vital to success.

At the beginning of each match all players start inside a Battle Bus that flies across the map. You can jump out and parachute down to land at any time, and that’s when the carnage begins. Note that you can place markers on the map, which will help your team navigate to your desired landing spot. It’s crucial to stick together in Duos/Squads so don’t forget to mark the map!

Do costumes affect the gameplay?

Nope, they don’t affect the gameplay in any way. In recent weeks Fortnite Battle Royale began selling character and pickaxe skins, but these are cosmetic-only. Outfits don’t affect the gameplay in any way and exist only to make you look cool. If you prefer a different look, go ahead and get that costume you’ve had your eye on. Don’t worry about sticking with the default avatars though, it’s perfectly fine.

What’s this about building?

Look, here’s the thing with Fortnite Battle Royale: building is absolutely essential. If you want to focus entirely on gunplay there’s always PUBG. Building is what makes Fortnite unique—and match-winning strategies always involve building.

I highly recommend when starting out to spend a few matches practicing your building. Who cares about winning or even getting a kill, your first goal is to understand how the building mechanic works. Drop down into typically quiet zones like Moisty Mire, the Wailing Woods, or west of Greasy Grove.

At a basic level, you can build walls, ramps, floors, and roofs. You also have the option of three materials to use: wood, stone, or metal. Wood is the weakest, but easiest to acquire, stone has average strength, and metal is the strongest. In order to build you’ll need to equip your pickaxe and break down objects, like trees or cars, or find resource bundles scattered around the map.

Some ways you can use building include: climbing up mountains, constructing sniping towers, and as defense in emergencies. For those just starting out I recommend focusing on the four basic structure types (walls, ramps, floors, roofs). Later on you’ll want to learn advanced building techniques though.

Where should I parachute to?

There’s no right or wrong place to land, just different strategies available. Most players jump right after the Battle Bus countdown expires, so parachuting early means you’ll need to prepare for heavy gunfire. The later you jump the less enemies you’ll encounter, on average. Keep in mind most players drop into areas with concentrated buildings, especially Retail Row, Fatal Fields, and Pleasant Park.

Fighting for resources vs. scavenging for resources

Two basic parachuting strategies to consider are this: fight for resources, or scavenge for resources. Let’s look at fighting for resources first. By dropping into congested zones you’re sure to find plenty of weapons and healing items; it’s the quickest way to get a good loadout. You’ll also encounter heavy resistance, however, killing them means you can loot their supplies. If you can survive a few minutes in these hot zones you’re sure to acquire a variety of weapons, but may also sustain some injuries.

The other technique is dropping outside the hot zones and looting the many isolated buildings. This is a much safer tactic, but you’ll find less weapons and healing items overall. It also means you’ll have to travel wide distances between buildings, so constantly monitor your surroundings for signs of life. Scavenging for supplies often goes hand-and-hand with playing stealthy since you’ll have less weapons and ammo than those who dropped in cities.

Look for player activity

First thing to note here is all doors in Fortnite are closed by default. If you see a door open, it means potentially somebody is inside. If you venture inside, switch to short-range weapons like shotguns, sub-machine guns, or pistols. Stay alert, and listen for footsteps. Fortnite uses positional audio, meaning you can gauge the distance and direction of enemies by where sounds are coming from. On that note: wear a gaming headset when playing, immersive audio is key.

Secondly, look for other signs of player activity like fortifications, busted roofs, or supplies from dead players. You should obviously stay alert at all times, but these signs add extra caution and give you time to swap weapons as needed.

Weapons have rarity values

Fortnite Battle Royale uses the common rarity scale used in many online games. From weakest to strongest it’s: grey (Common), green (Uncommon), blue (rare), purple (epic), and orange (legendary). Rarer versions of weapons deal more damage per shot, and more damage per second.

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While you might be tempted to always pick-up blue, purple, or orange weapons that’s not necessarily the best strategy. What is important is learning what weapons you are best with. For example, if you’re poor at sniping there’s little reason to pick-up an epic Sniper Rifle. Instead, it might be better to collect that epic Tactical Shotgun you just found. Experiment with all weapons and go for the highest rarity for the ones you’re most proficient with.

Well that about wraps up my beginner guide for Fortnite Battle Royale. Stayed tuned here on the blog for immediate and advanced tips and tricks coming soon!

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