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Tactical Takedowns and Combos for Tanya

4 Sep , 2015  

Tanya MKX

This week I’m going over some of the new moves for this classic Mortal Kombat lady, Tanya. Tanya has a superior knowledge of both magic and diplomacy and is an ally to the Brotherhood of Shadow. She’s actually one of the only henchwomen from the series!   While playing as this skilled fighter, her three variants […]


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Trap to Kill: Kung Lao Combos

18 Aug , 2015  

Kung Lao MKX

This week I wanted to dig into some of the new moves of a long-time member of the Mortal Kombat franchise: Kung Lao! You’ve gotta give a “hat’s off” (yeah, I went there) to this guy. He’s been around since Mortal Kombat II, was a Shaolin monk, and is a member of the White Lotus […]


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Fillet Your Opponents as the Fierce Kitana

5 Aug , 2015  

kitana MKX

This week we’re giving our best tips on a long-time Mortal Kombat franchise favourite: the fan-wielding vixen Kitana! She’s back from the dead in MKX and continues to deliver the brutal deaths you’ve grown to love. While playing as this fierce fighter, her unique variants make for three diverse combat styles: The Royal Storm Variant […]


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How to Play as Gruesome Gunslinger Erron Black

23 Jul , 2015  

Erron Black MKX

The ultimate outlaw, Erron Black, makes his playable debut in the new Mortal Kombat X. While playing as this western weapons master, his variants make for three diverse play options: The Gunslinger Variant gives two new special moves called money shot (Down, Forward+Square/X) and the stand off stance (Down, Back+Square/X). Money shot is a great […]


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Cripple Your Competition as Cassie Cage

6 Jul , 2015  

Cassie Cage Fatalities

Cassie Cage returns again in the latest instalment of MKX with some quick attacks and pretty great attack mix-ups. While playing as Cassie her variants make for three diverse play options: The Hollywood Variant is a personal favourite – it really makes for exiting gameplay! The Nut Kracker, and the enhanced version, the Nut Buster […]

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Slay Your Opponents as Jason Voorhees

1 Jul , 2015  

MKX Jason Voorhees

Our favourite undead murderer takes a spot as a guest character in the new MKX. Armed with his fists and a machete, he’s a ruthless killing machine that’s hard to take down. While playing Jason his variants make for three diverse play options, not to mention he has strong universal attacks and combos.   His […]


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How to Annihilate Your Opponents as Sub-Zero

10 Jun , 2015  

MKX Sub-Zero

When you’re Sub-Zero, there’s no shortage of great combos and moves to kill you opponent. Make sure you’re the one left standing by focusing on combos that end in Ice Ball, then continue the combo with the Ice Pain combo. This will knock your opponent into the air and inflict additional damage. Choosing the Grandmaster, […]

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Mortal Kombat X Faction Fatalities

23 May , 2015  

Mortal Kombat X Fatalities

Shouting “Finish Him!” was never so awesome as it is now. The great gore in the newest release of Mortal Kombat X fatalities is of course what everyone is talking about. And why wouldn’t they be? Spine crushing, skull splitting, and demon insect arms – what’s not to love. If you think you’re a true […]

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Mortal Kombat X Will Kick Ass

14 Feb , 2015  

eSports and video game by WorldGaming

We’re counting down the days until the NextGen instalment in the “Mortal Kombat” series, “Mortal Kombat X”, is available. The April 15th release date is fast approaching so, if you wondering what to look forward to in this new game, look no further. Can we just fast forward to April already? We’re stoked for this game […]